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To help serve you better, Brymark has created the following collection of resources. We are constantly adding useful and informative pages here that can offer you assistance in many different areas. Everything from pieces on how best to interact with us to get your order done smoothly, to thought-provoking items on the Promotional Products &  Marketing Industry.

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Our Order Process

Many people are interested in exactly how the process of getting their next great Promotional Product is going to proceed. To help put you at


Product Imprinting Tips

Finding the right item for your project can prove a huge barrier to overcome. However, we are sorry to say that the potential challenges don’t


Tech-Talk Made Easy

At some point we are pretty sure you have bumped into a term that was so foreign to you, you thought it was actually some


Embroidery Is Weird!

Embroidery – The art of placing your logo, message, important info or call-to-action on soft items like clothing or bags using high tech computer controlled


Artwork that Works

What is the Best File Format for Artwork? Preferred: Adobe Illustrator AI files or EPS files Also Accepted: High-Resolution PDF files, along with Corel Draw