Help for You

To help serve you better, Brymark has created the following collection of resources. We are constantly adding useful and informative pages here that can offer you assistance in many different areas. Everything from pieces on how best to interact with us to get your order done smoothly, to thought-provoking items on the Promotional Products &  Marketing Industry.

And please feel free to share these resources. They are here for EVERYONE’S benefit.

Our Order Process

How exactly does your promotional product go from concept to your door? We break down each step so you get the full picture of what the process can look like!

Product Imprinting Tips

It’s not only about the perfect product, it’s about the perfect imprint too! There are nuances to making sure both work together perfectly- We’re here to guide you!

Tech-Talk Made Easy

Lost in technical jargon? Everyone should have the tools to understand & make decisions about their project. Our team can help, and this guide may as well!

Embroidery Is Weird!

Using high-tech computer-controlled needles to add your brand to soft items like bags or clothing with thread- give your brand some texture!

Artwork that Works

We check your artwork at no charge, but sending the right file format and size is essential. We give tips for creating the best imprint from your artwork!