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Brymark lives for helping companies like yours go viral in the real world. A promotional products leader, Brymark has been immersed in the world of promotional marketing since 1978, and is ready to put our expertise to work for you. If you’re ready to step out into the light of popular awareness, Brymark is ready to make it happen.

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Why choose Brymark for your promotional products and marketing needs?

Our wealth of experience, our full range of services, our uniquely creative solutions, and most importantly, our love of delivering the perfect marketing solution and promotional product to take a client to the next level.

But as passionate as we are about marketing, we definitely have our feet on the ground. Over the years, Brymark has honed our expertise into a set of sound strategies that are selectively applied according to your needs. Every problem has a solution when you have a provider like Brymark in your corner: a provider who can deliver the idea, handle the production, and orchestrate the delivery.


Brymark Promotions Partners with Fair Labor Association

Brymark Promotions holds an affiliate partnership with the Fair Labor Association, an organization that has been advocating for human rights at work for over 20 years. The partnership focuses on implementing transparent and accountable business practices, in line with FLA’s core principles. The Fair Labor Association evaluates and approves Brymark’s commitment to labor rights by scrutinizing its business practices against international standards. This collaboration signifies continued efforts in Brymark Promotions’ commitment to ethical business conduct and the well-being of workers, both within Brymark and around the globe.

Awards and Memberships

Brymark’s awards include:


As a family-owned business that has been around for over 45 years (since June 1978), Brymark feels the need to give back to the community so that our success helps everyone. Some of our assistance takes the form of monetary donations, but sometimes Brymark creates logo designs, provides promotional products for fundraising activities, or donates surplus merchandise.

Doing Business Everywhere

Today, business operates across vast distances in the blink of an eye. Companies are able to successfully service customers in different cities, provinces and even countries. It isn’t always easy, but companies that make this type of business seamless and easy, actually keep having a deeper understanding of how to keep their client relationships positive and active. We love that folks come to us NOT because we are the closest option – but because they want the unique satisfaction that Brymark delivers in all quarters of its operations.

Brymark has been moving products and delivering services across Canada and North America for more time than some of our competitors have been in business! We pioneered border “gateways” and at-distance warehouse & facility operations years before it became the commonplace occurrence as it is in the business world today! And even today in 2020, we are not done innovating and advancing.

We leverage every relationship to maximize our reach and effectiveness. Brymark flows products East to West and North to South daily. We ship across the CAN-US border; as well as strategically reaching across that border to directly engage services and support within the USA when required. We travel to wherever we are needed. We directly support our clients within your events and large initiatives – regardless of the location. If there is a need to be met, and success to be gained for all, we are part of that solution picture.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking we only speak “regionally” … we have a unique perspective and battle-tested skillset that ranges from across the street to around the world!