Our Order Process

Many people are interested in exactly how the process of getting their next great Promotional Product is going to proceed. To help put you at ease, we offer this point form overview of the usual steps for getting things done!

Contact Brymark

You can use one of our EMAIL FORMS here on the web site or call us directly at 1-877-521-1102 ext # 0 (8:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET / Monday to Friday).

Let’s Talk!

Let us know exactly where you are at in the process. Maybe you are starting from GROUND ZERO with nothing to offer. Perhaps you are fully empowered with all of the exact details concerning what you want. No matter the situation, a member of our Team is ready to get to work with you. We will go back & forth as many or as few times as are required until we pin down the proper answer to present you with.

Get An Online Presentation

This can immediately show you many different products for your consideration. It really helps to firm up options and prompts further discussions about key points to be considered for best success.
(If you are looking at a SERVICE PARTNERSHIP with Brymark rather than a specific promo product – the same communication will be pursued through us providing you with a specific project/program proposal.)

Let’s Get Personal

At any point in time, we can host face-to-face meetings at our offices, come to visit you at yours, or even do a video conference. We can also provide actual samples of the items being discussed. Whether you come here, or we get things directly to you – we will employ the best path to help you make those important final decisions on your product/project.


Simultaneously, we can assess any artwork files you may have to share. We can use our Graphic Artists to produce that memorable imprint art that you have in mind. Our team will work directly with you to perfect and finalize all elements of your imprinting. We will then present you with a finalized rendering of that imprint, along with a mockup of it on any specific product(s). Your final approval of this will confirm the exact specifics involved in your order’s final costs.

Final Order Approval

Everything we work on together will ultimately culminate in an on-line FINAL SALES ORDER being presented to you via email. This document will feature ALL of the details pertaining to your specific project. Your on-line approval of this solidifies all goals and expectations.

New Clients & Pre-Payments

In some cases, if you have never done business with Brymark before, we will need to process a PRE-PAYMENT for your order. This will be confirmed as you are reviewing the final sales order. Our on-line technology also allows you use of a payment portal via email.

Lift Off!

We are now OFF AND RUNNING with your order! The Sales team hands your order off to our OPERATIONS staff. They will carefully review all of the important details associated with your project. They will specifically direct and manage our manufacturing partners to create, produce and ultimately deliver the agreed upon items/services.

Final Proofs

We will usually provide you with one more final mockup of how the finished item is supposed to look (if time allows*). We want you satisfied. If there is anything out of place, we want you to have a chance to catch it.
(* RUSH orders often have to jump straight into PRODUCTION to meet tight delivery dates)


Once your order is approved and the “in-hands” delivery date confirmed, our OPERATIONS staff will continuously watch over your order’s production progress. Should we encounter any concerns/problems within the process (be it with production or delivery) someone from BRYMARK will immediately be in contact with you to share the situation and go over any ramifications. Our OPERATIONS team’s #1 concern is to deliver accurately and on time to you.

Shipping & Delivery

Once in transit, the OPS team checks on the progress of every shipment of goods as they travel to our clients. We aren’t satisfied until we can confirm that all has been safely and successfully DELIVERED. And we have a long history of going to great lengths to make SURE that this happens.

Follow Up

Follow up will be done with you after things are delivered to ensure that you are satisfied with every element. Your 100% Satisfaction is not just a hope with Brymark. It is a promise in writing from us to you that you can absolutely rely on. If there should be any problem, concern or dissatisfaction – our team will swing into immediate reaction to come up with the correct solution to address and fix whatever may have gone off the rails.

Final Invoicing

Upon successful completion of all aspects of your project, our Finance team will re-confirm all aspects of the production and delivery of your order as laid out by the approved final Sales Order. A final invoice will be sent via email for your records (if the order is fully Pre-Paid) or for your timely processing with payment to Brymark. Any further questions at this point will be immediately addressed and resolved by our Finance team members.

Your Order History

Brymark will log all aspects of this order in our data system. This allows us to be ready in a flash to do a re-order at any time in the future (regardless of it being an exact repeat or a repeat with some new wrinkles).

Mission Accomplished

… until the next time!