Employee Recognition and Company Events

Transforming Workers Into Team Members

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These are the qualities you need to build in your team. Your best employees will start by bringing this to the table, but the challenge lies in cultivating this over the long term, and weaving it deep into the fabric of your entire corporate culture. Getting past the daily routine into truly exceptional performance from everyone requires many things - good leadership, effective processes, information sharing, a sense of humour. But the foundation rests on one of the first lessons your mother shared with you: say "thank you".

It's so simple, and some are astounded to learn there's no magic bullet when it comes to building group morale. Good employees go to work for more than the paycheck: they want to be part of something greater than themselves, and they need to be recognized for putting in the extra effort. Just like a great stage actor lives for the applause, a culture of appreciation will bring out the best performances from everyone you work with.

Not only do happier employees work more effectively, but when competitors start making tempting offers, someone who feels they are part of a great team will be reluctant to give that up. When finding and training the right people is so time consuming and expensive, it just makes sense to work the right way with the people who have already demonstrated loyalty to your company.

Brymark's promotional consultants will guide you to the most effective approach for your organization. You can order any kind of promotional product from us (including custom products), but the last thing you want is a stab-in-the-dark approach.

Employee recognition is a marketing exercise - in this case internal marketing - so the employee gifts you give need to harmonize with your overall strategy and objectives as well as with the team member's personality and interests. It's about recognizing the connection between who they are and the success of your organization.

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There's a real art to planning and carrying out company events. People need spectacle, fun, and a chance to celebrate the massive efforts they've put into making your organization thrive. It's a ritual of recommitment to the prosperity of the company. It's a way to express gratitude and inspire even better performance.

When it comes to company events, Brymark can't write the (hopefully short) speeches for you, but we can guide you to the perfect awards and gifts for recognizing employee achievements. Brymark can also create the right atmosphere for you, supplying fantastic decorations that will transform the room into a stage for an event to remember.

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