12 Exciting & Meaningful Promotional Items For Colleges

Promotional items for college

College promotional items play a pivotal role in the world of higher education, serving as tangible manifestations of school spirit, community, and pride.

These items, often adorned with university logos, slogans, and colors, are more than just freebies or marketing tools; they are essential in fostering a sense of belonging and connection among students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

From custom apparel and stationery to tech gadgets and memorabilia, these promotional items not only showcase a college’s unique identity but also serve as lasting mementos that unite individuals with a shared affiliation.

In this era of digital communication, the significance of college promotional items lies in their ability to create physical connections and establish a sense of tradition, all while enhancing school pride and loyalty. 

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Promotional Products

Selecting the right college promotional items is of paramount importance compared to opting for just anything. These items serve as ambassadors of a college’s identity, values, and culture. When thoughtfully chosen, they can foster a deeper connection between the institution and its community.

The right promotional items not only resonate with the target audience but also reflect the unique spirit of the college.

Tailored items, from branded clothing to practical accessories, are more likely to be cherished and used, reinforcing a sense of belonging and pride among students, alumni, and supporters.

In contrast, generic or ill-fitting choices may fail to capture the essence of the institution, diminishing the impact of these items and potentially missing out on valuable opportunities for engagement and loyalty.

Careful selection is not just about branding; it’s about curating a meaningful and lasting connection with those who proudly associate themselves with the college.

1. Durable Backpacks


Give college students the gift of convenience with these durable backpacks. Whether they’re rushing to class or heading to the library, a reliable backpack is a must-have. These options are designed to withstand the rigors of college life, featuring sturdy materials and ample storage space.

MiiR® Olympus 2.0 15L Laptop Backpack

Saratoga Passage Backpack Embroidered

2. Stylish Apparel

Help students showcase their school pride with stylish apparel. From cozy hoodies, and varsity jackets to trendy tees, these options are not only comfortable but also fashion-forward. Branded with your college’s logo, they become a statement piece for any student.

Unisex Crewneck Cabin sweatshirt

Unisex Hooded Cabin sweatshirt

3. Branded Notebooks

Vaquero Recycled Leather Journal

Encourage students to stay organized and take notes in style with branded notebooks. These high-quality notebooks provide a practical tool for academic success while proudly displaying your college’s logo.

Vaquero Recycled Leather Journal

4. Reusable Bottles

Ibiza - 17oz. Double Wall Stainless Bottle - Full Color

Promote sustainability and keep students hydrated with reusable bottles. These items are popular for college giveaways and reduce single-use plastic waste while showcasing your college’s commitment to a greener future.

Ibiza – 17oz. Double Wall Stainless Bottle – Full Color

5. Flashy Lanyards

Airplane Buckle Lanyard

Ensure college students never lose their keys or ID cards with a branded lanyard. These practical yet stylish accessories add a pop of color to their daily essentials while keeping everything within easy reach.

Airplane Buckle Lanyard

6. Handy Power Bank

Viceroy 10000mAh Power Bank

Help college students stay connected on the go with a handy power bank. Whether they’re in class or exploring campus, this portable charger ensures their devices are always powered up. It makes a practical giveaway item and is a must have accessory for your college fairs.

Viceroy 10000mAh Power Bank

7. Sporty Hats

Custom Domestic / Cuff Toque - Beanie

Boost school spirit, support student athletes, and shield college students from the sun with sporty hats. These cool college swag items not only offer protection but also serve as a fashionable way to represent their college at sporting events.

Custom Domestic / Cuff Toque – Beanie

8. USB Flash Drives

Oval USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Provide college students with a practical tool for storing and transferring files with USB flash drives. Branded with your college’s logo, these drives become a functional and memorable gift that are excellent to give out at college fairs for prospective students.

Oval USB 2.0 Flash Drive

9. Colourful Wristbands

Recycled Silicone Wrist Band w/Printed Logo

Promote unity and camaraderie among college students with colourful wristbands. These vibrant accessories not only serve as a token of school pride but also encourage a sense of belonging.

Recycled Silicone Wristband w/Printed Logo

10. Eco-Friendly Pens

Reborn Recycled Aluminum Pen - ColorJet

Eco-friendly pens with your school logo are one of the most popular ways to promote school spirit, but also support sustainability efforts. These pens are made from recycled materials, reducing environmental impact while providing a useful writing instrument for college students.

Reborn Recycled Aluminum Pen – ColorJet

11. Lunch Boxes

Double Decker Lunch Box with FSC® Bamboo Lid & Utensils

Encourage healthy eating habits for new students with branded lunch boxes. This double decker lunch box not only keeps food fresh but also proudly displays your college’s logo, making it an excellent option for college swag.

Double Decker Lunch Box with FSC® Bamboo Lid & Utensils

12. Stuffed Animals

8 1/2" Big Paw Bear

Bring a touch of comfort and school spirit to college life with branded stuffed animals. These huggable companions provide a sense of comfort and make for cherished keepsakes for many college students or their siblings.

8 1/2″ Big Paw Bear

6” Salty Shark

Brymark Promotions Knows About School Spirit!

These exciting and meaningful promotional items are designed to enhance the college experience and foster a sense of pride and belonging among students. 

Whether it’s through practical accessories like backpacks and notebooks or fun keepsakes like stuffed animals, each item serves as a tangible reminder of the college’s support and appreciation for its students’ academic journey.

Contact our amazing team at Brymark Promotions to help you with your next college and university promotional product plans.