Fun Summer Promotional Product Ideas For 2023

Fun Summer Promotional Product Ideas For 2021

Ahh! Summertime! It’s the ideal season for special events, such as sports, camping trips, or beach days, because everyone looks forward to outdoor warm-weather fun. And that’s especially true in 2023 when we have all the more reason to celebrate the end of a long winter stuck inside.

Now how about making a branded promo product the star of the show? Not only will it get your company name and logo out there for the whole world to see, but event participants will also associate your brand with a perfect time. And the more fun and useful your promo product is, the more it will be used again and again, bringing your name to the fore.

Here is a list of our favourite summer promotional products in stock at Brymark. They’re high in quality and available to order in bulk for a variety of events. We’re positive that you’ll love them too.

Camping Gear

Camping Bundles

Upgrade your camping event to a glamping event when you hand out these luxe bundles of personal care products. An assortment of ECO TRAIL natural body pampering is packed into a brandable Call of the Wild drybag. Even after the self-care goodies are done, the drybag will come in handy for outdoor activities all summer long.

S’more Set

What could be a more iconic taste of summer than yummy DIY s’mores, paired with a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Healthy and delicious, this Original 1927 S’mores Kit and Nor’easter cocoa come complete with a MiiR Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup, which can be either printed or laser engraved with your business name and/or logo. Perfect for creating around-the-campfire memories.

Crank Flashlight

Go back to basics with this fantastic eco-friendly crank flashlight. It’s made from recycled materials, and no batteries are needed — simply hand crank to light up the night! A handy tool to guide your giftees along rustic woodland trails or to find their way to the fridge at home during a power outage. Printable with your logo.

Carabiner w/ Compass

Your camping event participant can add an instant sporty look to a bag or a belt with this customizable carabiner. It would also work as an attention-grabbing keychain. The decorative compass is not just for show — it functions. Who needs Google Maps when you have this great gadget?

Sports Events

Premium Golf Kit

You’ll be sure to grow the attendance at your golfing event when this ultra-cool brandable golf kit is on offer as a giveaway. It is fully loaded with a ton of golf-themed gear and goodies that will suit your golfing fans to a tee. Best of all, it features — tada! — your logo in a rainbow of colour choices.

Custom Sports Jersey

Nothing like a custom sports jersey to commemorate the fun you had together as a team. From hockey, baseball, soccer to even bowling, a custom sports jersey lets your competition know you mean business. Choose from a variety of unique colours and designs made from quality material like breathable polyester.


Here’s another smile-inducing sports-themed item — a teeny tiny volleyball that will put your brand in front of all the attendees at your volleyball event. Believed to act as a stress reliever, this 4” ball is excellent for squeezing, bouncing, or throwing. Customizable with a one-colour or stunning full-colour imprint.

Sporting Match Ball Bag

Presenting the perfect promotional freebie for just about any sporting event: the sporting match backpack boasts loads of room for recipients to stash their sports-related sundries. This backpack features a dedicated mesh compartment that will fit a full-sized basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball. Customizable with a heat transferred digital print of your branding; comes in bright red or classic black.

Beach Events

Beach Balls

Whee! Inflatable beach balls are so much fun; they’re sure to make a hit with all ages at your beach event. Especially because they are available in your choice of rainbow bright colours that shout “summer!” Sixteen inches in diameter, they may be customized with a single-panel or multi-panel imprint.

Foosball Cooler

Is it a cooler that doubles as a foosball table or a foosball table which happens to have a built-in cooler? Never mind, all that counts is that this is one of the most ingenious summer promos imaginable. Whether taking pride of place at a gala beach event or in your client’s boardroom, this foosball cooler will break the ice—and display your logo proudly, front and centre.

Beach Towel

A beach event means swimming and sunning. That’s why soft, and absorbent complimentary beach towels will be welcomed by all. This version is lightweight, hangable with its own attached loop and best of all, it shows off your logo to everyone on the beach as a supersized full-colour imprint.

Mini Fan

Let’s face it, outdoor events are fantastic, but the summery weather can make participants hot under the collar, so to speak. Well, since air conditioning the whole beach would be a tad over-the-top, here’s the ideal alternative: a personal mini fan. This cute and practical little gizmo comes with 2 AAA batteries and is pad-printed with your very own branding.

Summer Themed Promos? Brymark Is The Place

The team at Brymark is here to help you with your bulk summer promo product needs. We’re fast, we’re efficient, and we’ve got a great sense of fun. Trust us to come up with promotional ideas that will make your brand shine. As an example, take a look at our top types of custom water bottles. They’re perfect for employees to stay hydrated during the hotter months!

Special events we’ve served successfully include the Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, the Canadian Tulip Festival, and more!