How to Use Employee Rewards to Motivate Your Team (regardless of where and what type of work they do)

This month we tackle how you can help build a team despite the fact that your team may be a mix of part-time, full-time, contract, seasonal, remote workers and freelancers.

“Atypical” work, as it is called, is employment that varies markedly from the standard full-time, regular employment. This type of worker includes part-time, temporary, fixed-term, casual, seasonal, and self-employed contributors. Typical employment is socially secure, permanent, provides regular working hours, income and benefits. Atypical work continues to gain popularity with employers and employees and as workers and employers seek balance and flexibility.

Over 80 percent of large corporations are expected to increase their flexible workforce. Many organizations now have arrangements that are conducive to this. Shared offices, remote work, and freelancing are becoming the norm. This is facilitated by increasing access to technology, such as mobile and collaboration platforms. Business’ may also have a blended workforce which is a group of employees who have a range of different contracts. They can be permanent full-time employees, temporary workers, part-timers, agency workers, contractors, or freelancers and many may be from different countries and cultures.

Employment Trends Indicate Younger Employees and Changing Work Standards

These days, companies are also employing younger employees. Millennials have their jobs, but their expectations and work styles may be at odds with those older colleagues. “The younger generation is looking for better balance between their work and personal lives. They’re working longer and harder than their older colleagues for less,” underlines Reuben Yonatan, founder and CEO of Get VoIP. “So today younger employees need better benefits and need to be more rewarded, motivated and engaged, and employers need to be ready to offer that.”

How Can Promotional Products Help Build Better Teams

There are many ways a company can make employees feel part of the team even though they may be in other parts of the country or just working around the corner and calling in. Branded company gear is one of the most popular products that align teams.

Branded Clothing and Corporate Welcome Kits

Branded jackets, hoodies, golf shirts, computer bags, and an office kits that may include everyday items like pens, mouse pad, staplers and branded coffee mugs are common in companies that employee Millennials. They also have branded items as part of the welcome package or onboarding program. Giving a memorable and useful corporate welcome package to an employee (even those working part-time) demonstrates that you care about every employee and helps in building brand and company loyalty. Employees will know that they are part of the team even though they may not be in the office on a full- time basis.

Corporate, Team Themed Events and Team Awards

Corporate events and themed events are another great way to build and reward a team. Promotional items help build motivation and increase moral and can be used as part of a uniform, to celebrate corporate events, sales contests and employee training programs. In today’s tough employment market promotional items can also be used for an employee referral program or offered as perks for the completion of tasks or projects. Promotional items can help make and support an event while helping to build the company’s brand and culture.

Training Programs and Branded Products

Employee Training Programs are another great way to leave employees with a lasting impression of their employer. Offering unique branded products at training events will provide a reminder of the investment that the company has made to improve their skills. Some items to consider are consumer electronic items, cell phone accessories and home office tools are great reminders of the time spent with other team members and colleagues.

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So, in today’s changing marketplace, younger employees want to find opportunities to develop their strengths, want coaches over bosses and want to be part of team that offers shared access and engaging experiences at work. Its even more important in a changing work place that team members feel valued, and supported no matter where they work. Need some great ideas? Let us know we are here to help.

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