How Promotional Products Can Create More Responses from Your Direct Mail, Email and Social Media Programs

If you are in business today, you are most likely trying to figure out what works best to get more response from your direct mail, email and social media programs. Here are a few ways that branded promotional products can help.

Promotional Products Can Create More Response for Direct Mail Campaigns

Studies have proven over the years, that direct mail customers are more likely to open a direct mail piece with a free gift inside. Here are a few direct mail tips guaranteed to help make your direct mail more effective.

Direct Mail and Promo Items Best Practices

  • Regardless of the giveaways you choose, avoid products with sharp tips that could poke holes in your envelope. Sounds simple but its surprising how many companies don’t follow this rule.
  • Always specify that that there’s a free gift enclosed. This will encourage customers to open the envelope. Make sure the product is useful to ensure the product will be kept.
  • Check with your local post office for rates based on the product you selected. Sometimes bulky or heavier items require additional postage, so its better to check in advance prior to selecting products. We have lots of great light items that can be used with no additional postage cost.

Promotional Items Can Help Generate More Response from Your Social Media Campaign

Facebook is able to put your message out in front of millions of Facebook users. Ask yourself, how many of those are really our customers? Are they able to connect with your brand on Facebook? What about on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube?

If your company or brand has a social media presence then consider offering an incentive to follow or like you. Offering a promotional item as a motivator to have your prospects follow you, like you or add you to their social circles is a good motivator. Social media participants thrive on engagement and offering a unique promotional item encourages sharing. Shares are like referrals and are an inexpensive way to generate more interest in all your social media programs.

Effective Ways Promotional Products Create Reponses in Social Media Sites


On Facebook, spread the word about a promotional giveaway or offer promo codes for contacts to redeem for branded promotional merchandise. This works well if you are looking to generate more responses or leads. Its also builds store traffic and you can create options for donations, ticket purchase, by adding a value-added gift or a nice promotional product.


On Twitter you can use a hashtag to lead a prospect to a special event. Contests can also be developed where contacts can enter to win branded merchandise. Promo codes or online coupons can also be used to encourage a purchase, place an order or for generating inquiries. These can be redeemed for a trending promotional product.

On Pinterest

On Pinterest you can add branded merchandise among your pins or show your employees at events wearing branded clothing. This promotes the brand, makes employees feel good and gives a professional look to your team. Branded clothing helps to elevate your brand.


An Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) study says that 41.8 % of respondents would take action on a social networking site to get a free branded product. A physical promotional item offered as an incentive to take action on Linkedin has a greater opportunity to be clicked on then a post without an offer. Promotional products can be used as a motivator to have viewers ask for more information, as a lead to a website or used as a sales incentive. Showing team members and clients wearing your branded merchandise in your posts is also great way to market and build company loyalty with your team members at the same time.

Affordable Products You Can Use to Generate More Reponses

Here are some products that can be used in your social media. Branded clothing, branded post it notes, phone chargers, ear buds, hand warmer packets, key rings, pens, branded water bottles, travel and coffee mugs are just a few of things that leave a lasting impression.

For direct mail consider items that are small enough to fit into an A5 envelope or smaller and flat enough so that they’ll be delivered to a recipient easily. These can include items such as calendars, fridge magnets, note pads, book markers, screen cleaners and mini mouse mats to name just a few. We have lots of great products that fit the bill. You can also find thousands of other possibilities at or have one of our experienced marketing specialists answer any questions you have. Contact us at or call Brymark direct at 1-877-521-1102 and press 0 great ideas.