10 Holiday Gift Baskets Ideas That Are Sure To Impress Your WFH Staff

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In 2020, the Grinch called COVID-19 put a hold on in-person holiday staff parties. This means, it’s up to you to celebrate your amazing team this holiday season with some creative solutions that perhaps you haven’t thought of before.

Why not make the task easy (maybe even enjoyable!) by working with Brymark to assemble a fun holiday gift basket for your home-bound crew.

And while you’re at it, why not take this opportunity to make your team a part of your brand with Toronto promotional products? Include a few of Brymark’s fun branded items; it’s an excellent way to build a strong team and reward your employees so they feel like they are truly connected to your organization, even when they’re working from home.

To get those creative juices flowing, here are 10 sure-to-be-appreciated gift ideas small enough to tuck in a basket – some branded, some not.

1. Coffee/Tea

Good quality coffee or tea is one of those small luxuries that is appreciated by one and all. And for your WFH employees toiling away this winter, a nice supply of their favourite hot beverage is guaranteed to create a warm feeling inside – which will extend to their employer. (That’s you!)

2. Custom Journal

Provide your staff with a beautifully innovative way to track all their most meaningful daily accomplishments, inspirations, and reflections while they’re away from the office – a custom journal. Made of paper. (And a real cover branded with your company name and/or logo.) Now, how’s that for a refreshing change from Google Calendar?

3. Gift Cards

Here’s a gift that is always welcome – a gift card or two. Amazon cards are a safe, one-size-fits-all type of solution – or if you know your employee’s tastes, you might opt for specialty shops such as garden centres or bath boutiques. Just remember, e-gift cards are nice, but an actual plastic gift card is easier to wrap.

4. Custom PopSockets ®

PopSockets ® phone grips are an uber-practical present for your multitasking WFHers. Now you can add a fun little tweak to the concept with our new Swappable PopGrips, which can be customized to reflect your brand.

5. Holiday Treats

What’s the most popular item in any holiday gift basket? The goodies, of course. So be sure to slip in a few treats, such as a mini gift box of chocolates or tin of assorted cookies. If your brand leans more towards health consciousness, sub some good-for-you snacks like trail mix (nut-free, in case of allergies) or roasted chickpeas.

6. Personalized Drinkware

Help your personnel to stay hydrated, caffeinated, and happy with personalized drinkware that they can keep at their side throughout the workday. Bright coloured glasses or insulated mugs and tumblers are ideal for holding everyone’s preferred choice of beverage.

7. Company Apparel

Nothing says “You’re a valued member of our team” better than branded apparel. So add a company-themed shirt, jacket, or baseball cap into each of your gift baskets and rev up that ol’ team spirit.

8. Desk Toy/Decorations

There’s a funny thing about desk décor – it makes an office cube feel more homey and a work-from-home corner feel more office-y. Encourage your employees to give their all with a cute fidget toy or photo frame (digital or analog).

9. Books/Games

Put a book in the holiday baskets that’s either motivational or wryly humourous. Games are also certain to please, whether you offer mini basketball, a brainteaser like Rubik’s cube, or a traditional board game to channel every employee’s couch potato.

10. Branded Tech Gadgets

The right technology is essential wherever your workers are based right now. That’s why they’ll love branded tech gadget gifts. Chargers, speakers, mobile accessories, and laptop or tablet cases are just a few gift suggestions to get you started.

More Great Ideas For Branded Holiday Gifts That Are Sure To Please

By now, you’ve got some great creative possibilities for holiday-themed gift baskets that will delight your employees and help strengthen your team while they’re working from home. Talk to Brymark for more promotional products that both employees and clients will love.

Our team will be happy to help you, combining our signature enthusiasm with solid marketing knowledge and out-of-the-box solutions. Find out why we are trusted by hundreds of clients in every industry.