How Promotional Products Can Help Charities Retain Donors and Increase Donations

One of the biggest things I hear from charitable organizations these days, is that it’s getting harder and harder to get new donors and even more difficult to keep the ones they already have.

Most fundraisers and non-profit marketers share one major objective; to raise more money for the mission! Where do promotional products fit in the marketing plan and how much return on investment do they really generate?

Today we want to share three ways that charities, non-profits and fundraisers can use promotional items to generate more donations, develop programs to reward existing donors and provide great ways to raise even more money for your cause.

Promotional Products Can Help Promote the Brand

One of the first things every organization should do is use promotional items to promote its brand. For charities or non-profits having a good cross section of appropriate promotional products offers a simple and inexpensive way to leverage your organization’s brand and keep its name and reputation in front of its target markets.

When donors and volunteers carry tote bags, wear T-shirts, or use everyday items with your logo on them, they are sending a message of support for your mission. As with most consumer products, the more visible your logo and name are in the community the more people will recognize the brand. The more they recognize it, the greater the odds in responding to “an ask” or event invitation and maybe even stimulating a conversation about the cause.

A few of the ways to build your brand is distribute promotional products at advocacy events, community events, trade shows, through contests, prizes and promotions and fundraising events. Know your audience, this is something all marketers heed. Make sure your giveaway items are high quality and something your target audience will find useful. High quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. Some inexpensive giveaways include stickers, pins, clips, wallet-sized calendars, pens, pencils, golf tees, and magnets.

Promotional Products Demonstrate Appreciation and Recognition

Non-profits and charities can never say thank you enough to recognize the people who contribute to their success. Showing regular appreciation to your special donors, volunteers, funders, corporate partners, and employees can help keep them motivated and committed.

Awards and plaques can be especially valuable to business partners that display them in their offices and to individuals who will place them proudly in their homes. Again, make sure these items are good quality and appealing. There are many stunning products available today that are bound to impress and are affordable as well.

Generate Additional Revenues with Great Promotional Products

Over the years we have helped many entrepreneurial non-profits sell their branded goods online and at events to generate additional revenue as well as build brand awareness. One of the things we do really well for our non-profit clients is design and develop online stores and manage online sales and fulfillment. Typical sales products include mugs, T-shirts, hats, drinkware, bags, and office accessories.

A great way to raise additional donations is to setup programs where donors will receive a high-quality product for a donation. For example, high quality jackets and other apparel, electronics or quality office items can help stimulate donations or can be used for silent auction items at events. Motivating donor teams with promotional product programs are also another way to help increase either the number of donors or higher contribution targets by offering incentives.

Promotional products can also be used to motivate donor to contribute higher amounts. For example, if a donor donates over $1000 to a cause they are rewarded with a nice corporate gift. Another option is to ensure that everyone that attends an event receives a useful take away item. Products can be sponsored or provided as a way to enhance the quality or the ticket price for an event.

There are specific products that leave positive impressions and that recipients keep longer. These items include: outerwear, shirts, recognition items (awards, plaques), caps/headwear, flash drives, health and safety products, desk/office accessories, and bags.

It’s important to remember that promotional products can give your organization an affordable way to build goodwill, demonstrate appreciation and recognition, generate added revenues and help gain brand name recognition.

The name of a charity or non-profit added to a product is extremely important and is one of the few ways an organization can get their name out to the public in an inexpensive fashion. Don’t forget that giving away a unique and inexpensive high quality and useful promotional item will help the organization be remembered long after the promotional item was received.

You can find thousands of possibilities at or have one of our experienced product marketing specialists call or meet with you to show you samples, discuss ideas or answer your questions.