Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Brands for 2023

Eco Friendly Brands for Promotional Products

There are more and more promotional product options for environmentally responsible products every day. Elevate your brand with the responsible decision without sacrificing quality, style, or budget. Our Brymark experts lead the way in ecological responsibility and can help you make the best decision for your project with advice about the most recent promotional product trends. 

Eco-friendly companies don’t just recycle- they take steps to lower their carbon footprint in multiple ways. For example, creating eco-friendly items with sustainable materials and sustainable packaging, energy conservation during the manufacturing process and production process, reduced waste and dependency on fossil fuels, reduced water usage, and the list goes on. Long story short, they care about the environmental impact their business model has and seek to do better. 

Custom promotional products can sometimes be synonymous with throwaway culture, but deciding to use sustainable companies for your products means not only investing in quality but in a green business you know will bring added value to your promotional products.

Take a look at more of our favourite eco-brands, and give us a call to get your project started.

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Product Trends 2023


Arguably one of the most well-known eco brands, TenTree is one of our favourite promotional apparel brands to partner with. Not only are they putting the earth first in their business decisions, but they also use the most sustainable materials in the world. Between their eco-friendly materials and fighting climate change by planting more trees, their sustainability efforts are a great example of positive change. For every single item they sell, ten trees get planted. All that, without sacrificing an ounce of style!

Klean Kanteen

One of the first companies to produce stainless steel bottles that were BPA-free, this brand has been a favourite for a long time! An employee-owned certified B corp and certified climate-neutral, Klean Kanteen has led the way in sustainable practices and transparency, producing planet-first stylish designs. A worthy canvas for any project!

Camelbak Eco

Their most eco-friendly line yet uses materials and processes that are better for the environment, supply chain, and consumers. They are not only focusing on their practices, but they also hold their suppliers to a social responsibility code of conduct. They are also dedicated to donating 1% of sales to For The Planet. Their line of backpacks and hydration packs are just waiting to be turned into promotional goods for your branding to go on the next available adventure!


Finding responsible tech accessories can be a big challenge. Mophie takes steps to protect our natural environment by starting with sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable (down to their plant-based inks). They have also replaced plastic components with recyclable paper materials wherever possible. They have also partnered with many different environmental advocacy companies to create sustainable, plant-based materials and recycled plastic products to divert plastic waste from our oceans and reduce their carbon footprint. They offer promotional items such as power banks, phone cases, and wireless charging that are stylish and useful!


Welly makes earth-friendly, reusable drinkware from bamboo and stainless steel. The brand was founded to honour the founder’s late mother, promoting healthy lifestyles and even donating over 1% of sales to bring clean water to those in need. A series of stylish water bottles, tumblers, and even infusers to naturally flavour your water or brew tea. A sleek space is just waiting for your brand. See other promotional drinkware options.

EcoSmart by Trimark

With their line of EcoSmart Apparel, you have stylish options for shirts, polos, outwear, and more. An affordable line of eco-friendly options made of recycled materials or sustainable sources like wheatgrass and bamboo fibres. Customers love the quality and style they offer for men and women and the sustainable products that aren’t so common in the fashion industry. 

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This certified B Corp has found a way to make tree-free paper. Their notebooks are made of 100% sustainable materials- recycled stone. Rejecting the typical paper pulp means there are no bleaches or acids used during the production process and creates a more durable, sustainable, and smoother surface to write on. In addition, they are completely carbon neutral and have created an eco-friendly solution for popular office accessories and supplies. Recycled materials and neutral carbon emissions make this sustainable business an easy one to recommend!


Proud Member of the certified B Corp movement, Bellroy makes the most stylish collection of travel bags and backpacks. They combine using biodegradable and recyclable materials with designing for long-time use. Fighting throwaway culture, all their eco-friendly products are backed by a 3-year warranty and are designed with end-of-life in mind. Designing stylish and useful ways to carry everything from travel needs and laptops to weekender bags and totes.

Day Owl

Working to be the first completely circular bag company, Day Owl creates products out of recycled materials on their way to landfill waste. They refurbish those bags to keep them circulating. Once they’ve reached the end of their life, they are broken down and become part of the material used for new bags. To source eco-friendly materials, Day Owl partners with “The First Mile”, an initiative that formalizes a waste collection network in low-income communities and makes it possible for brands to purchase from a responsible supply chain. To reduce waste further, they offer lifetime repairs on their bags.


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