12 Custom Office Accessories & Supplies For Your Brand

Custom Desk & Office Organization supplies- Logo imprint on office accessory

An organized, clean workspace means efficient and calm minds. Positioning your company name on useful, helpful office supplies reinforces the thought that your brand makes your sales staff lives easier. 

We have enough clutter, and that includes on our daily feed as we scroll. Talk to your audience offline- meet them in person with your brand in a way they find beneficial to their life. Encouraging a clean, organized life will reinforce your brand while genuinely being part of their everyday lives. You can do that with custom office accessories for brands.

We’ve compiled a list of items we think are useful and fresh, but if you have an idea in mind or just want to talk to an expert to find the perfect way to present your brand, reach out to the Brymark expert team for custom promotional products, ideas, project guidance, and imprint recommendations. 

Need promotional products that do the best at displaying your company name? Check out a list of our custom office supplies and desk accessories that people love:

1. Timers

The Pomodoro technique is a time-management technique that focuses on 25-minute focused work sessions. A timer can be used in their office or their kitchen when they are making dinner with their family. Making sure the turkey doesn’t burn is a great way to be part of the family!

2. Desk Plants

Breathe a little life into their office space with a desk planter. A different approach and a great way to brighten their day and their desk! Providing greenery can clean the air and has been shown to provide stress relief. It’s also a good reason to get up and stretch their legs- to water their office friends! Desk plants are a great way to promote health and wellness, too.

3. Wireless Charging

Many new phones and wearable technology now offer wireless charging. A sleek, convenient place for them to rest their phone to charge, while still being able to see any important calls or messages coming in keeps them on task. Keeping their rechargeables in an organized space promotes clarity!

4. Insulated Mug

Mornings are busy. Life is busy. While we want our customers to never feel overwhelmed, it happens. When their morning cup turns into their 2 pm cup, be the person who is still keeping their coffee warm. Insulated mugs work both ways- which means they have a favourite mug for iced coffee too!

5. Muscle Relief

Sitting at a desk all day can cause a myriad of health problems, but stiffness and muscle pain are some of the most common. Providing some relief can be the difference between a miserable day and a great one. Handheld massagers take up very little room, come in many styles, and are something they will be happy to have after one too many meetings that could have been an email.

6. Sherpa Blanket

A cozy blanket to keep them warm while they look out at the snowstorm, happy they don’t have to shovel their car out this morning. Especially when working from home, a designated desk blanket can make sure there’s always a quick answer when the office gets cold on those mid-winter days. Provide a comfortable workspace no matter where they are!

7. Airpod Accessory

Apple Airpods are incredibly popular and a great suggestion, especially for apple-based companies as custom gifts. Gift sports accessories to encourage health and remind them to take wellness breaks, or a charging station to make sure they have a place for everything on their desk! Either way- you’re looking out for them every day!

8. Note Organizer

On a busy day, it’s easy to lose track of all the notes, ideas and “I can’t forget to reschedule the dentist” situations. Having a handy sticky note organizer will make sure that your bookmarks, To-do lists, reminders, and flags are bright and ready to use! The colourful pages will catch your attention and avoid important points slipping through the cracks.

Note Organizer Sticky Note

9. Cord Organizer

For those who haven’t gone wireless, keeping cords in order has been something easy to give up on. An organizer to wrap cables around to avoid knotting, or breaking prematurely makes it is easy to grab and go without getting tangled. Plus, no more fumbling to find your earphones when you’re already late for a meeting!

10. USB Desk Caddy

Desk fans, watch chargers, USB lights galore! Our modern desk has very little room and lots to be done. This desk caddy keeps everything in one place, a catchall for all your custom office supplies, and keeps branding bright and center! This product in particular is the perfect canvas for your brand, with a light up unit to make your logo glow!

11. Lap Desk

Alternate workspaces are a given, and some have more than one place they like to work. Maybe they have a comfortable chair for when they like to change it up, maybe their office is the couch. Either way, a comfortable lap desk that doesn’t hinder productivity means a change of scenery, and maybe their next big idea. Without missing a beat of productivity. The eco-friendly bamboo doesn’t hurt!

12. Bamboo Organizer

Natural wood bamboo goes so well on most desks and compliments a Zen and eco-conscious brand. Bamboo is a naturally occurring fibre that grows quickly and harvesting it is less damaging to the environment. A clean, organized space with everything in its place is what a Zen workplace is all about.

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