8 Of The Best Health and Wellness Promotional Products in 2023

Best Health and Wellness Promotional Products 2022

Corporate environments have to work hard to attract and retain employees. Now more than ever, people want to feel valued, and appreciated, and have a good work/life balance. One of the best ways to foster a flourishing office space is to promote safety and health with a wellness program. Not only do wellness programs attract new workers, but studies have shown that they can yield over $3.00 in return for every dollar spent. 

One great way to encourage participation is with great Toronto promotional items. Whether you’d like to help employees destress after a long week, foster team spirit with branded apparel, or promote safety by providing healthcare promotional items to frontline workers, Brymark has plenty of appreciation gift ideas.

If you’re looking to start a project, here are some of our favorite custom health and personal care products. Adding your company logo or custom text and images is a great way to give it a personal touch while also promoting your brand. 

8 of Our Favorite Health & Wellness Promotional Products in 2023

Modern Sprout Lavender Take Care Kit

When life gets hectic, sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses—or lavender, in this case! With its calming and soothing scent, lavender can help you reduce stress and find your inner peace. Take care of a plant while taking care of yourself with this charming gift set. It includes a Lavender Bamboo Grow Kit, Mindfulness Timer, and a Centering Essential Oil Roller. Let your office become a den of zen with this desk-friendly gift idea.

Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Set

If you’ve got plans to get outdoors this summer, you’re going to want to pack the essentials no matter how or where you travel. The Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Set has everything you need in a small, sturdy travel case. Protect against bugs with Insect Repellent and After Bite Spray. Save your skin from the sun with SPF30 Sunscreen and After Burn Spray. And keep your hands clean with a spray bottle of Hand Sanitizer.

Moleskine Wellness Journal 

Moleskine journals have a reputation for being beautifully made, functional, and versatile with their many sizing options. This Wellness Journal is designed to chart your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals. It includes tabbed sections and themed introductory pages packed with practical information. Its structured sections prompt you as you document your journey to good health. The paper is eco-friendly too, made of material from well-managed, FSC® -certified forests and other controlled sources.

Fox Gel Pen

And what better way to chart the wellness journey than with the right pen? The Fox Gel pen is made with 30% reclaimed wheat straw material and comes in four colors. The gel ink makes for a smooth writing experience, allowing words to flow easily onto the page. Add your school, sports team, organizational or company logo or message through our signature digital imprint process to create a bold branded giveaway for marketing and events.

Osaka Bento Lunch Box

The perfect gift for people always on the go, the Osaka bento box is perfect for those who aren’t fans of the superhero metal lunch box but still need an easy way to transport their food. With conveniently stackable meal separator compartments, this bento box can carry curry with a side of veggies anywhere. Plus, it’s microwave safe and it’s made with BPA-free plastic materials.

Chill’N Cooling Towel

Beat the heat without needing cold packs! These compact workout, travel and sport towels instantly cool when they become wet with water or perspiration. Just soak it, wring it out, and snap it in to have a nice cool towel that will evaporate and cool you off. Lightweight, soft, and breathable, it’s available in a variety of colours and comes in a sturdy PVC pouch with carabiner. Clip it onto gym bags, water bottles, or backpacks. Perfect for construction workers, athletes, or outdoor enthusiasts.

Restore 6mm Yoga Mat

This durable and functional yoga mat provides a stable and non-slip surface for your yoga practice or home workout. No matter what type of surface you’re on, get extra cushioning, stability, and support with Restore yoga mats. A great idea for any yogi, from beginner to enthusiast. If you have a yoga practice where you offer lessons in studio, you can offer your students these mats showcasing your logo. They’ll never forget who taught them the power of zen!

Yoga Block

Made from EVA foam, this lightweight yet firm yoga block provides comfort and support for all types of yoga poses. With beveled edges and a soft, comfortable, slip-resistant grip, this is a great alternative to stress balls if you’re looking for health / wellness ideas. And just like the mat, if you’re a yoga practice owner, a branded yoga block is a great way to promote your business!

Get Expert Advice on your Health / Wellness Promotional Items

Branded goods are the perfect way to show your appreciation for your customers or employees, but it’s also a great way to display pride and get your logo noticed. 

Whether you’re looking to offer free samples to customers or just promote your logo in a healthy way, Brymark is here to help. Drop us an email, or call us directly and have one of our experienced marketing specialists answer any questions you have.