Getting to Know Us

Diverse On-line Solutions

Using Technology to Fuel Better Business

We can now serve our customers anywhere in the world through on-line portals and processes that allow transactions with the simple push of a button. But it doesn’t stop there. Brymark can also create and deploy technological solutions to help our clients realize valuable additions like on-line ordering, corporate procurement and point of sale solutions for events. We have a team of tech-savvy individuals who are ready to pursue unique next step technology answers that can greatly enhance your business.

Rush Services Now!

We Combine Accurate AND Fast Daily

The pace of business today demands fast answers with on-target deliveries in next to no time at all. This puts tremendous pressure on promotional product companies. At Brymark, we are NOT afraid to discuss these challenges and how to overcome the odds of failure. At the same time, we are just as ready to tell you when a thing can’t be done or is too risky to pursue. Yet, we have to say that we have a great track record for nailing fast turnarounds —-in even as little as 24 & 48 HOURS.

Fresh & Confident Support

Each Situation Deserves Full Creativity

The promotional products industry is constantly introducing NEW products, NEW imprint processes and NEW ways to stretch a dollar. Our team spends many hours attending new product sessions, training and speaking with our vendor partners to research all that is current. Brymark is constantly benefitting from industry-wide support in helping keep our insights cutting edge. We strive to find the exact answer to your needs – so you have every possible opportunity to stand out and succeed.

Business on All Levels

We Have Already Successfully Served a Client Just Like You

In our 45 years of business, Brymark has dealt with a huge assortment of clients. Private companies to corporations, government departments to not-for-profit organizations, along with individuals from all kinds of groups and events. In all cases, we have developed and delivered solutions from the simple to the complex – through either a one-time order or on-going orders. We have gone the extra mile for everyone on both sides of the 49th Parallel, stretching from coast to coast. Whether it’s been 100 units or 100,000 units – our experience has already prepared us to meet whatever challenges you may bring us.

Focused by What You Need

Your Needs Drive Everything We Do

Too many times promotional companies can be guilty of providing cookie-cutter solutions of favorite products/manufacturers rather than really examining their client’s needs. The Brymark team wants to take the time to ask questions and examine the exact details of your situation. If you have all the information we need, we will get you looked after pronto. Not so sure about things? We’ll slow down and figure it all out with you. Your priorities will always lead the way in everything we do together. Because, if we don’t meet your needs – what exactly are we doing?

Looking Beyond the Obvious

It’s All Interconnected and What We Do Can Make a Difference

It’s easy to do business and not consider anything else beyond that. But more and more, attention is now being paid to the “type” of business being done. We recognize that Social Consciousness is an important concern for many today. Who Brymark does business with is ultimately who you are doing business with. Whether we are examining ECO-centered solutions or considering the impact your business leaves on the planet, Brymark realizes that it is not just about the now – but the consideration of making things better as we go forward.

The Brymark Way

There’s Good – and Then There’s Something More

We don’t simply go through the motions! The way that Brymark works with our clients is anchored in a core methodology which influences everything we do. We deeply care about our customers, their needs and the outcome of every individual order. Not one member of our team likes to lose or disappoint in our delivery of services and products. Our team collectively boasts over 200+ years in the promotional products industry. That experience shows us it is only when you win that we win. This is our culture at Brymark – and you won’t find anything else like it in our industry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re Not Done Until You’re Satisfied

This is the simplest point of all: each order needs to complete with a happy YOU. What we have promised to do and deliver must meet with your 100% satisfaction when all is said and done. Our work is not finished until this is achieved, and we will ask you directly to be sure. If there is ANYTHING that needs to be fixed – we will make it happen.

And NOW you have this Guarantee in writing!

Put us to the test TODAY.