Brymark 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

In the spirit of the season, finding the perfect corporate gift can be a gesture that speaks volumes. 

Whether expressing gratitude to valued clients, acknowledging the hard work of dedicated employees, or fostering goodwill within the professional sphere, the right gift can ensure a personalized touch to the holiday season. 

These custom corporate gifts are a curated selection of thoughtful and high-quality items across a range of categories. From tech-savvy gadgets to cozy winter essentials, each item has been carefully chosen to blend style, functionality, and a touch of sophistication. 

Join us in exploring these exceptional holiday gifts that are sure to make a positive impact on the recipients and reflect the values of your organization.

Top Branded Holiday Promotional Gift Ideas

RuMe Sling Bag

RuMe® Sling Bag

The prefect sling bag to carry your day-to-day essentials. Lightweight, crossbody design packs down into its own back pocket for easy, on-the-go portability. Zippered opening

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Mirage Luggage

Mirage Suitcase with textured ABS mould design. Features fully recessed aluminum pullout handle, removable toiletry divider with hanger (black), 1 flex divider and clothing travel

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1. Trendy Gadgets & Tech

In a world driven by innovation, gifting the latest gadgets and tech accessories is a surefire way to leave a lasting impression. From wireless chargers to cutting-edge speakers, these tech-savvy gift options blend style and functionality seamlessly into great holidays gifts for employees, clients, and colleagues.

Elevate your professional image with the Sierra™ Zip Around Tablet Portfolio. This sophisticated portfolio is designed to accommodate your tablet, important documents, and business cards, all in one sleek package. The zip-around closure ensures secure storage, while the multiple pockets and compartments offer optimal organization. Whether you’re in a meeting or on the go, make a lasting impression with this premium accessory.


Transform your workspace with the Legion 3-in-1 Charging Station. This innovative device combines functionality with style. Not only does it provide a dedicated space to charge your devices, but it also features an ambient lamp that sets the perfect mood for any task. Keep your essentials organized and within reach while adding a touch of sophistication to your environment.

Take your music experience to the next level with the Rave Light-Up Stereo Wireless Speaker. This dynamic speaker not only delivers impressive sound quality but also features captivating LED lights that pulse in sync with your music. With wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes from any compatible device. Elevate any gathering with this speaker that combines audio excellence with a visual spectacle.

2. Tasty Treats & Drinks

Culinary delights and premium beverages never go out of style. This collection of delectable treats and high-quality drinks are perfect for indulging the taste buds of employees and clients. From gourmet snack crates to craft beer sets, these custom gifts are some of the best holiday gifts to give warm wishes for the holiday season.

The Outward Bound Gourmet Backpack Cooler is the ultimate companion for outdoor adventures. This versatile backpack not only keeps your refreshments cool but also features compartments for gourmet snacks and utensils. Whether you’re hiking, picnicking, or heading to the beach, this backpack ensures you’re well-prepared for a day of culinary delights in the great outdoors.

Elevate your cocktail or mocktail game with the Aged & Infused Gift Set. This artisanal kit includes a curated selection of premium ingredients and infusions to create unique and flavorful beverages. With a range of tantalizing flavors, it’s perfect for both seasoned mixologists and those new to the art of crafting exceptional drinks. Unleash your creativity and impress your guests with these handcrafted concoctions.

Take your music experience to the next level with the Rave Light-Up Stereo Wireless Speaker. This dynamic speaker not only delivers impressive sound quality but also features captivating LED lights that pulse in sync with your music. With wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes from any compatible device. Elevate any gathering with this speaker that combines audio excellence with a visual spectacle.

3. Trendy Bags

A well-designed bag is both a fashion statement and a practical accessory. With a range of stylish and functional bags suitable for various occasions, these bags make for thoughtful and versatile holiday gifts.

The Travis & Wells® Lennox Laptop Tote seamlessly blends style with functionality. Crafted with a discerning eye for design, this tote exudes sophistication while providing ample space for your laptop and daily essentials. Its meticulously organized interior ensures that you can carry your work with ease, making it an ideal companion for the modern professional on the move.

When adventure calls, answer with the Urban Peak® Waterproof Lakemont Duffel. Built to withstand the elements, this rugged duffel is designed for the intrepid traveler. With a spacious 47-liter capacity, it offers ample room for your gear, clothing, and essentials. Its waterproof construction ensures your belongings stay dry, making it the ultimate companion for journeys off the beaten path.

Take your music experience to the next level with the Rave Light-Up Stereo Wireless Speaker. This dynamic speaker not only delivers impressive sound quality but also features captivating LED lights that pulse in sync with your music. With wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes from any compatible device. Elevate any gathering with this speaker that combines audio excellence with a visual spectacle.

4. Cozy Winter Blankets

As winter approaches, there’s no better holiday gift than a warm and cozy blanket. This category features a selection of blankets designed to provide comfort and style during the colder months. From faux fur throws to heated blankets, these holiday season gifts offer a touch of luxury for chilly evenings.

Wrap yourself in warmth and sustainability with the RPET Fleece Blanket. Crafted from recycled materials, this blanket is not only incredibly soft and cozy but also environmentally conscious. Its plush fleece material provides an unparalleled level of comfort, making it perfect for snuggling up on chilly winter nights. Choose this blanket for a luxurious and eco-friendly addition to your winter essentials.

Elevate your winter relaxation with the Slowtide® Turkish Cotton Towel. Made from premium Turkish cotton, this towel offers a sumptuous feel and exceptional absorbency. Its intricate design and craftsmanship add a touch of luxury to your self-care routine. Whether at the beach or after a relaxing bath, this towel provides the ultimate blend of style and comfort.

Indulge in the unparalleled softness of the Silk Touch Blanket. Crafted from high-quality polyester with a luxurious 300GSM, this blanket provides a silky smooth texture that’s perfect for snuggling up during winter. The full-color design allows for customization and your company logo, making it excellent Christmas gifts or promotional items. Stay warm in style with this elegant and cozy blanket.

5. Durable Drinkware

High-quality custom drinkware is one of those corporate holiday gifts that combines practicality with elegance. With a range of durable and stylish mugs, glasses, and tumblers, these client gift ideas are designed to elevate the drinking experience.

Embrace your daily ritual with the Valo Ceramic Lidded Mug. With its generous 14-ounce capacity, this mug is designed to hold your favorite brews. The included lid helps to keep your drink warm while preventing spills, making it a practical choice for busy mornings or relaxing evenings. Its ceramic construction ensures durability and heat retention, while the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your drinkware collection.

Elevate your coffee or tea experience with the Deco Metallic Ceramic Mug. This 11-ounce masterpiece combines form and function, featuring a metallic finish that adds a touch of elegance to your beverage routine. The ceramic construction ensures heat retention, while the comfortable handle provides a secure grip. Choose this mug to add a dash of style to your morning routine or office desk.

Raise a toast to quality and style with the Full Colour Arc Can Shape Glass Set. These uniquely shaped glasses are designed to enhance your drinking experience. With a full-color imprint option, you can customize them to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re sipping your favorite brew or enjoying a refreshing beverage, this set of four glasses is the perfect addition to any gathering or celebration.

6. Helpful Desk Accessories

A well-organized desk can enhance productivity and creativity. Desk accessories are one of the best corporate gifts to give, as they are designed to add functionality and style to any workspace. These employee appreciation gifts are perfect for creating a flourishing work environment.

Bring a touch of nature to your workspace with the Flourishing Workspace Plantable Gift Kit. This unique gift box combines the practicality of desk organization with the beauty of a growing plant. The eco-friendly materials allow you to plant the kit’s packaging and watch it bloom into a lovely plant. It’s a thoughtful gift that adds life and vitality to any office environment.

Organize your desk in style with the FSC® Bamboo Sticky Note Dispenser. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, this dispenser not only keeps your sticky notes within easy reach but also features a convenient phone holder. This is one of those perfect holiday gifts for employees that promotes productivity and tidiness while showcasing your commitment to eco-conscious choices.

Illuminate your workspace with the Executive Desk Lamp, a sophisticated addition to any office that your corporate clients are sure to love. This lamp combines sleek design with advanced functionality, featuring a multi-function display for time, temperature, and date. Adjustable lighting levels cater to your specific needs, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit environment for focused work. Elevate your desk setup with this executive-grade lamp that blends form and function seamlessly.

7. Fashionable Swag

In the realm of fashion, the right piece of custom clothes can make a powerful statement—and make excellent client gifts. This category presents a range of stylish apparel and accessories suitable for both men and women.

Elevate your style with the Men’s Montserrat Thermal Vest, a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Crafted for both fashion and function, this vest offers a sleek design combined with thermal insulation to keep you warm in cooler weather. Its tailored fit and modern aesthetic make it a standout piece for any casual or semi-formal occasion.

Experience comfort and style like never before with the Next Level Apparel Ladies’ Laguna Sueded Sweatshirt. This premium sweatshirt is made from sueded cotton for a luxuriously soft feel against the skin. Its relaxed fit and trendy design make it a perfect choice for casual outings or cozy days indoors. Elevate your wardrobe with this fashionable and comfortable sweatshirt.

Stay on-trend and warm with the TIBURON Fashion and Performance Knit Beanie. This versatile accessory combines fashion-forward style with performance-driven features. The beanie is designed to keep you cozy in colder weather, while the patch adds a touch of unique flair. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or exploring the city, this beanie is a fashionable and functional choice.

8. Physical & Mental Health Gifts

Promoting well-being is a gesture that speaks volumes. Turn to this category for employee gifts focused on physical and mental health, designed to nurture the mind and body. These unique corporate gifts are a thoughtful way to show you care about the well-being of your recipients.

Foster mindfulness and creativity with the Bamboo X Coffee Recycled Journal/Pen Combo. Crafted from sustainable bamboo and recycled materials, this eco-friendly journal provides a canvas for your thoughts, ideas, and reflections. Paired with a matching bamboo pen, it’s the perfect companion for journaling, note-taking, or sketching. Embrace sustainability while nurturing your mental well-being with this thoughtful gift.

Prioritize your well-being with the Double Decker Lunch Box featuring an FSC® Bamboo Lid & Utensils. This innovative lunch box is designed to keep your meals organized and eco-conscious. The double-decker design allows for versatile meal options, while the FSC® bamboo lid doubles as a cutting board. Complete with utensils, it’s a convenient and sustainable choice for mindful eating on the go.

Elevate your yoga practice with the environmentally-friendly Cork Yoga Mat. Crafted from natural cork and sustainable materials, this non-toxic mat provides a non-slip surface for a safe and comfortable practice. Its superior cushioning and durability make it suitable for yogis of all levels. Embrace holistic well-being while contributing to a healthier planet with this eco-conscious yoga mat.

Let Brymark Handle Your Custom Corporate Gifts

In the world of corporate gifting, the right choice can leave an indelible mark of appreciation and goodwill. These corporate gifts have been handpicked to reflect a blend of style, functionality, and conscientiousness. Whether it’s expressing gratitude to clients or recognizing the dedication of employees, the perfect gift can convey sentiments beyond words.

If you’ve found the ideal gift among our selections or would like further assistance in choosing the perfect items for your corporate gifting needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brymark. With our expertise and extensive range of premium products, we’re poised to help you make a lasting impression. Contact Brymark today to get your unforgettable gifts ordered up!