Trade Shows and Promotional Product Strategies To Help Leave a Lasting Impression

Tradeshows are the best, most economical way to gain competitive knowledge, compare products and learn what is hot and what is not. Organizations can stay current, sell products, meet new contacts and take orders.  The great thing about a trade show is that all of this takes place under one roof.

So, what does your organization do to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, new contacts or those individuals and companies interested in getting more information from you after the show is over?  Good promotions take good planning and, in this edition, we talk about why having a good trade show strategy plan will save you time, reduce stress and showcase your brand in a way that will help drive your revenue.

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Why Trade Show Planning Will Save You Time and Money

In our industry we have had the luxury of supporting clients through a number of unique and exciting business executions over the years and we have helped thousands of companies develop unique and memorable promotional items specifically for trade shows.  

Too often though, many of our clients remember just a few weeks before that they made a commitment to a trade show or a presentation.  This creates a mad scramble to get something designed and developed to hand out or use to support the trade show team attending the show. This results in unnecessary stress and additional costs due to processing a rush order.  

Strategies that Work – Planning Leads to More Sales and Less Stress

Having a proper trade show promotion strategy, developed well in advance, will allow you time to really develop your trade show objectives. It will also give you the time to find those unique promotional items that the trade show team will be excited about handing out and help make that interaction with your trade show contacts and customers even more effective and memorable. 

Over the years, we have found that what works best is to look at trade show plans as part of your marketing plan, at a point in time or at the beginning of each year.  This allows you the time to consider how promotional items can support your corporate mission, your branding, trade show objectives and budget considerations. Providing enough lead time can save you big dollars by combining orders, drop shipping options at trade show sites or just learning some of the other cost saving tips provided by our team. Take advantage of our 45 years of promotional trade show experience.    

By meeting with your representative well in advance making them a part of your show planning team, you will have an opportunity to review some of the really amazing product options that we have to offer.  Planning also allows you the time will to develop some innovative clothing options or offer options for customized products, the opportunity to get trade show teams involved or designing an over all program that will save you money by combining items.  This will eliminate the disappointment of just picking a product and placing rush order. Proper planning also allows the opportunity to take the time to look at what’s new in the industry, learn more about the latest trends and then develop some really effective promotional items and tools to help drive your message home. A good promotional product can really leave a lasting impression on your clients, customers or contacts long after the show is over.   

Ask us how to help meet your trade show objectives the most effective way.  Afterall, after many years in the industry we have learned a lot about what works at trade shows and how you can be more effective at ordering and delivering products that will help drive your business objectives. 

Here’s a Trade Show Tip – Be Sure Your Branding is Consistent with All Your Products

A really effective way to consider your trade show needs is by developing a combined package that is both effective and consistent with your corporate brand identity and makes a statement to your team and your clients, customers and contacts.  Ask us about providing a complete trade show branding package. With a little pre-planning your company can make a statement that will not only stand out from your competitors but look professional, organized and leave a lasting impression on the trade show floor and beyond.      

Ask About Our Cost Effective Comprehensive Trade Show Marketing Programs

We have an unlimited number of options and hundreds of product solutions to consider. A little planning can go a long way. Make the experts at Brymark part of your planning team and enjoy the show!

Want to know more? Send us an email request and we will send you our “The top 100 reasons to exhibit at a Trade Show” report.