Is There Really Such a Thing as the RIGHT Product?

Is there Really Suck a Thing as the Right ProductRecently, I spent an evening with a friend of mine who is VP of Products for a software company in Ottawa. Since we are both passionate about marketing and the evolution of the marketplace, our discussion soon turned to the promotional industry. We wondered if it might be becoming obsolete for the new generation of marketers. Has it lost its appeal? Have purchasers, marketers and communications agents become skeptical of what the promotional industry can do for them — regardless of all its improvements in the past decade? As we continued talking we uncovered some interesting points about how people could actually be causing problems for themselves and limiting the full benefits to be gained.

Have purchasers, marketers and communications agents
become skeptical of what the promotional industry can do for them?

Having to deal with small budgets and tight deadlines, many purchasers simply rely upon traditional products. They blindly follow habit. The truth is that promotional marketing requires time, practice and experience. It is not about responding to a momentary need, but to building long term solutions by using these products effectively. Like many things in these economic times sales concepts have evolved; becoming more and more creative. The array of promotional products and services offered at any given time and place is now limitless with access to technology.

Having to often optimize resources to remain viable, some organizations have decided to go with products that are less expensive. But the truth is that you are most likely only getting what you are paying for; if even that. In order to ensure that you are not downgrading the value of your organization with the products you are using to communicate with your audience, you have to consider whether these products are consistent with the values and objectives of your organization.

But the truth is that you are most likely only
getting what you are paying for; if even that.

It is about maximizing your spend for products that display your logo. For example, if you are a technology company, you may currently spread your budget across common office products such as pens, notepads, staplers and such. These are essential products and useful for creating a sense of identity. But what do these really say about your company’s unique product, environment or business approach? If you offer higher end products or integrated solutions, it may be time to make a longer lasting impression in the world by using newer products.


Stylus Pen

Ballpoint plastic pen with black plastic trim, comfort grip and soft rubber capacitive stylus now available for technology based or friendly industries and companies.


I can imagine some of you are thinking about your marketing budget differently at this point. Potentially you’re wondering how you can optimize and obtain these right products at a sensible budget spend. My advice for you is very simple: plan ahead of time to speak with your promotional consultant. Instead of asking about specific and/or traditional products only; open things up and ask them for fresh recommendations for your situation, company, clients or partners. And don’t be afraid to share any budget constraints with them up front. They know how to leverage products and can recommend outstanding solutions at reasonable pricing. They also have the expertise to search out unique products that can achieve a positive return on investment by leaving the right impression with your audience the first time.

Simple: plan ahead of time to
speak with your promotional consultant.


IDAPT Power Station

IDAPT Power Station is available in as little as twelve units, and is compatible with over 4,500 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android OS devices, Nintendo DS, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, and Bluetooth products.


Wouldn’t you rather spend your time and budget developing something that could engage an entire population? Get them talking about how great these new pens write or work with their multi-tasking features, sharing comments about how unconventional the design of this USB stick is, or even the fact that the fabric of this year’s corporate shirt is exceptionably soft and incredibly comfortable to wear? Let’s face facts; it’s all about who you are, what you represent and how you want to be perceived. Yes, there will always be situations and market penetration strategies that opt for quantity over product quality. But since the promotional industry is constantly striving for new product development with less and less limitations … why not let some more creative ideas flow?!


Custom Key FOB USB

There is a huge movement for custom shape USB’s. They remain an exceptional and unique product that you may create to your image and that will always surprise the users! 


Here are a few more great product ideas for the upcoming holiday season:

Plantable Holiday Cards

Instead of paper, this great alternative will also help you leave a positive effect on the environment as well as sending out your holiday wishes.


Antique Silver Picture Frame

This nice picture frame is only one of the many styles available for you. Being a desktop product, and offered at many different price points, they will be used on your clients, employees and partners desks, displaying your logo and perhaps initiating conversations about your company during meetings. 


Heat Pack

Heat Packs have been tremendously popular in our local mall during the 2011 holiday season. You may now print them with your logo and keep everyone warm this winter. 


Happy creative planning everyone!