“Houston … We have a Problem!” (Part 1)

NOBODY really wants to talk about this.  But I’m gonna get painfully honest with you:  it is possible that something might go wrong with your order.

OUCH!  That’s a gut punch statement.

But we need to consider this potential.  Why?  Well, if trouble tries to hijack your project, wouldn’t it be great to be prepared to meet (and even beat) those situations? So instead of living in fear (or denial)…let’s dive in and take this thing head-on.

The best advice I can give you:  When your order arrives, check out your product … PRONTO!  Brymark’s outstanding track record for delivering orders accurately means that you will probably end up happily enjoying how well things turned out.  But there is a small percentage of unhappy surprises that just might be lurking out there.  So c’mon, let’s be proactive.  Take a look at one, or two, or better yet…..twenty.  Pull them from random places/different boxes across the full breadth of your order.  If you apply this pattern of review, you should uncover if any of the following FAILURE factors have unfortunately crept into your order.


This is not a subtle problem.  It is usually apparent as soon as you touch the first item.  You are horrified to find out  you have received the wrong product, wrong imprint, wrong imprint location, wrong colour of item/imprint or note any other element of your order’s details having somehow been missed or messed up.


These issues can be sneeky.  You often only become aware of them once you look across a collection of your items viewed together.  Things like crooked or unclear imprinting, inconsistant imprint colour, smudging or smearing of imprint, marring on the item or physical damages to the actual product  itself can become more apparent once you start comparing one to another in the order.


Yes…sometimes you can judge a “box” by it’s cover.  Especially if there is a corner crushed, dented or even ripped open.  But there could also be stains/discoloration on the packaging indicating possible water/element damage.  And alway confirm that the total number of boxes (shown on the courier box labelling with 1 of, 2 of, 3 of, etc.) are accounted for.  Missing-In-Action packages happen every business day with ALL courier companies.

So why bring your attention to all of these key areas for possible mishap?

Well, just like with your physical health:  early discovery of a problem presents the best opportunity for healing.  If something is wrong with the “health” of your order … we want to know about it right away.  This allows us the best opportunity to make it right.  And in Part 2, I’ll share how we can actually fix what has failed.