Operational Excellence


Once your product has been designed, it's all about delivering. That means processes that have been tried and tested and improved over time. Order entry and production co-ordination may not be glamorous, but they're essential elements in the successful deployment of a marketing campaign. After all, if the boxes don't arrive on time and with the right goods, what's the point?

Part of what makes Brymark so good at delivering on time, every time is our standardized processes at every stage that make for consistency and accuracy across all orders.


Order Entry   

  • Unsurpassed Attention to Detail: Specially trained staff members check and recheck orders for technical errors and omissions before they are placed with the actual suppliers and manufacturers. Experienced eyes look for problems before they happen in actual production.
  • Streamlined Software Support: We have a fully integrated system for order entry, supplier purchase order creation and multi-department order tracking/alert status updating.
  • Deep Supplier Relationships: Order management and supply chain programs have been developed to work with manufacturers and suppliers to address inventory shortages along with production scheduling difficulties.
  • Exceptional Value: Specialty pricing agreements with manufacturers and suppliers based on our unique position as a high volume customer.
  • Dedicated Service:  Dedicated staff means the job is done to its maximum capactity and level of excellence.


Production Co-ordination

  • The Connected Approach: We keep on top of every step in the process, including confirming receipt of our order, acknowledgements for order detail accuracy, art proofs for correct imprinting, confirmation of shipment date to meet deadlines, obtaining final confirmation of ship out, along with receipt of tracking numbers for courier follow up from vendors.
  • Accountability: Because our people are well trained in how items are produced and the various production capabilities of our numerous service partners, they can keep the production process on track, making sure key production milestones are met and the orders are moving ahead.
  • Adjustments and Feedback: Timely information is communicated back to sales reps and clients to help meet situational needs and solve any complications.
  • Ultimate Negotiation: Our team knows where, when and how to save time and money, gain advantage on a tight deadline, call in favours to get the tough stuff done, get immediate restitution or reaction in the face of last minute issues.
  • Damage Control: Any company, no matter how well organized, needs to plan for the unexpected. In the rare case when something does go wrong, Brymark has a dedicated contact person who will coordinate a solution with our partners, manufacturers and suppliers. This team member's purpose is to keep you in the loop and to work through the best options to meet and master any challenge.
  • It's Not Over Until It's Over: Brymark has fully automated interfaces for tracking and shipment monitoring with all of the major carriers (UPS, Purolator, Fed Ex, Canada Post, etc.). 


Quality Assurance and Shipping & Receiving  

  • Communication: Our team members receive a notification when items (especially unbranded wearables) arrive at Brymark.
  • Quality Control Check at Receiving Point: Goods don't just pass through Brymark. Your order will be counted, confirmed and visually scanned for defects like mismatched die lots and any incorrect items sent from the manufacturer.
  • Flexible Shipping Options:  Brymark is able to ship locally, regionally, across the province, around the country and across the world.  We have ways and means to get it done - ways that are chosen in relation to your specific needs. Did you know that national couriers often "hand off" to alternate carriers on the final leg of rural deliveries outside of major urban centres in Canada? Did you know that there is a certain courier that is better at delivering in the Maritimes? Did you know that sometimes couriers can deliver overnight and sometimes they can't? Brymark does! We work these solutions to our clients' benefit every day!

Brymark's pledge: our job is not done until your product is in your hands, safe and sound and correct to every specification! Brymark constantly strives for value and efficiencies in our operations for our demanding customer base.

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