PPE Products in Mississauga

Mississauga is booming! The numbers speak for themselves. It’s the 6th largest city in Canada, with approximately 748K residents. Mississauga also boasts 55,000 business enterprises and is home to the Lester B. Pearson Airport, Canada’s biggest and busiest.

As a business owner or HR staffer in this thriving city, you face new challenges every day. Fortunately, we offer a doable solution to one of today’s toughest challenges — helping employees prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Your Ontario-Certified PPE Supplier

Fortunately, Brymark is here, an Ontario-certified Workplace PPE Supplier in Mississauga. We are a local firm, offering a full line of personal protective equipment in bulk, suitable for a wide range of occupations. Because health directives may change frequently, you can count on us for updated information regarding the latest requirements, in addition to guidance in selecting the best items to keep your team safe and productive during the current health crisis.

Many of our PPE products can be branded with your company logo. This is a great way to boost staff morale and keep that team spirit high!

PPE Products, Safety Supplies & Promotional Products

Face Masks

According to Mississauga’s COVID-19 Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw, a mask or other face covering must be worn in indoor spaces to reduce the risk of infection. Choose from Brymark’s assortment of bylaw-compliant face coverings, suitable for almost any occupation. (Optional logo customization.)


Make it simple for everyone in the workplace to sanitize their hands and disinfect high-touch surfaces. Brymark offers 4 convenient methods:

  1. Hand Sanitizer Stand: Place hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and throughout your premises so staff and visitors can easily lather up.
  2. Hand Sanitizer — 2 Oz: Employees will appreciate receiving their own personal-sized hand sanitizer. 70% alcohol. Quick-dry, lightly scented.
  3. SteriKleen Wipes: Clean any hard or porous surface. Ready-to-use detergent wipes disinfect, sanitize, and reduce odours. Effectively combat a wide range of viruses and pathogens.
  4. Hard Surface Cleaner Spray: Cleanse and deodorize interior or exterior hard surfaces. Kill 99.9% of bacteria with this hydrogen peroxide spray.

Infrared Digital Thermometers

These no-contact infrared thermometers give fast, accurate temperature readings. Screen for body temperature over 38° Celsius (one of the commonest symptoms of COVID-19), with the aid of these handy features:

  • Infrared sensor which measures body temperature at forehead level, with no need for skin contact
  • Easy-to-read LCD backlit display, making figures clearly visible. “HI” and “LO” prompts instantly signal a temperature outside of normal range (36.4 to 37.2 Celsius). At 37.6 or above, a red warning light will turn on.
  • Durable and highly accurate instrument.
  • Includes power-saving, memory storage, and self-test functions.

Sneeze & Cough Guards

Help keep your business a healthy place to be. Physical distancing and barriers are very effective in preventing cross-contamination by viruses and bacteria.

Our sneeze and cough guards work to block infectious droplets due to coughs and sneezes. Place these simple-to-install safety barriers in spots where close contact among workers or between staff and visitors is unavoidable. For example:

  • between work stations
  • in front of reception desks
  • at food order counters
  • next to cash registers
  • in point-of-purchase areas

Durable and portable, the sneeze guards are available in a selection of different sizes.

Promotional Products

Brymark is a Canada-wide wholesaler of PPE. In addition, we have another business focus, supplying promotional products which increase brand awareness for organizations such as industries, start-ups, non-profits, educational institutions, and government agencies.

To give an idea of our diverse reach, we are trusted vendors to:

  • Costco
  • CHEO
  • Boston Pizza
  • Move Dance Competition
  • Department of National Defense
  • Among many others!

Our products include headwear and clothing, tech gear, novelties, housewares, and eco-friendly specialties, fully customizable with your logo.

Forge strong business relationships and make your company name memorable with stand-out, high-quality branded gifts.

About Brymark

Brymark started out more than 50 years ago as a family-owned Ontario business. We’re still family-owned but our reach is now international. With 5 offices in Canada, the US, and China, as well as 2 warehouses, we are well-equipped to serve you and your unique business needs.

And it’s not just about how big our company has grown. We’re all about experience, knowledge, and skill (our team members can claim an impressive total of over 200 years in the promotional products industry).

Even more important, we’re all about customer care. We know how fast things can move (or should move!) in the business world and we will run, not walk, to keep up with your pace. That’s because all of us at Brymark embrace 2 core goals:

  1. Helping your enterprise to go viral.
  2. Going the extra kilometre to make our promises to you come true.

We also care about our local business community. We are proud of our membership in the Advertising Specialty Institute, Kiwanis International, Promotional Products Association International, Promotional Product Professionals of Canada Inc., and Sage World.

Finally, we care about those who may be less fortunate than ourselves and consider it a privilege to offer them a helping hand. Here are some of the charities we support: