How to Grab the Attention of Millennials With Your Member Engagement Programs

In the Association and non-profit world, you will need to grab the attention of Millennials with your member engagement programs.   Millennials, by sheer numbers, became the largest cohort in the Canadian workforce last year. So, it’s crucial to understand what Millennials look for in Associations and in life to plan your programs accordingly.

According to many of the studies out there (and there are lots of them) millennials choose convenience, technology, value, health, and professional growth as priorities. This means that if you are developing a program using promotional products will need to consider products that appeal to this group.

Developing Member Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Millennials

At Brymark in our 45 years in business, we have helped our Association clients develop hundreds of recruitment and retention strategies revenue generating programs using all kinds of promotional items.  Our programs have helped Associations improve and create brand affinity, attract and retain members and provided many ways promo products can be used to increase non-dues revenues. Here are few products that we think can really help you build a better relationship with this unique and growing group.

Millennials Love Technology

Technology is a great place to start when searching for promotional products that Millennials will love. Here, are a few products to satisfy your members love for technology and ultimately increase your membership with this special target audience.

Phone Chargers – Everyone Needs One

Promotional products are most effective when they’re truly useful, and these portable phone chargers fit the bill.

These on-the-go chargers hold hours of battery life and have a digital screen that indicates how much charge is left. Improving association brand affinity is easy when your logo is displayed on something so useful for Millennials and tech lovers of all ages.

Wireless Ear Buds – Very cool products

Wireless is the way of the future. These Bluetooth® earbuds and microphone hold 1.5 hour of battery life and allow you to dictate spoken commands, talk on the phone, or listen to music. They come in a soft pouch, complete with your logo, making them a great option for custom promotional items for associations.

Heath Products, A Priority for Millennials

According to a Goldman Sachs study, titled “Millennials: Coming of Age” health is a top priority for of Millennials, and most are willing to forgo their usual frugality (33% of Millennials typically value low prices over quality) to spend more on high quality health pursuits.  This Millennial fixation with health is a great focus for your promotional product program. It’s a great branding opportunity as health-minded products can be decorated with your logo, come in a number of colours and designs. Water bottles for example are great gifts and can be used at the gym, office and at special events.  A great value-added product for distribution and trade shows and conventions.

​High End Apparel – Dressed but Not Dressed Up

Offering higher-ticket items for your members to purchase is a great way to increase non-dues revenue. Millennials in particular are bound to love jackets, because they’re lightweight, waterproof, and perfect for outdoor activities and workouts. They come in several different colors and can feature a logo. Your members will love showing pride for your organization with quality and exercise-friendly jackets

So here are a few products and a guideline for improving association brand affinity and recruitment, especially when targeting Millennials.

Remember, these products are just a sampling of the promotional products that are out there, and every association’s unique needs and target audience should be taken into consideration when choosing the products that work best. Need more information check out or send an email to to get copy of our “Top 20 items Promo Items for Associations that Millennials Love”.