Why Choose Brymark For
Promotional Products

MugYou know your organization is special, and you want to tell the world about it. But how?

Advertising is everywhere you turn, and people have become numb to it. The classic marketing problem of how to develop brand awareness and really build relationships with people has become more complex than ever.

The promotional products strategy is tried and true: when you liberate your branding from the flat surfaces of your print materials and website and transform it into a three dimensional object, you give it a new life. They've got a great track record, too: 42% of recipients have a more favourable impression of the advertiser, and 62% of recipients of promotional products did business with the advertiser after receiving an item.

Promotional Product Advantages:

  • They are easy, affordable and don't have to be supported with more advertising.
  • Cost per impression is less when compared to magazine, radio, billboard, newspaper, and TV ads.
  • They're durable and aren't discarded like print advertising - the average product is kept for 7 months. This is how they generate repeated impressions without repeated costs!

Marrying your logo with something beautiful and useful that people will enjoy using means they will happily carry your message with them everywhere they go, building and reinforcing your brand identity. Your branding becomes part of their lives.

Brymark Has Your Full Service Marketing Solution

Brymark will supply as much help as you need with your promotional products strategy. If you already know what you want, great! You can click here to get started, and even send us an RFP if you have one.

Sometimes things aren't so clear cut. Maybe you have a larger marketing problem to solve, like how to update your lead generation programs to look more modern and relevant, or how your brand can communicate effectively to a new demographic for a new business initiative. That's when you need to talk to one of our promotional consultants and take advantage of more than 34 years' worth of marketing expertise.

10 Reasons to Work with Brymark

Working with Brymark gives you these great advantages:


Unique Marketing and Promotional Product Solutions

Brymark loves new ideas, and we love a challenge. Brymark lives and breathes marketing, and can step in when you need impactful branding concepts that turns your promotional product into an attention-getting phenomenon. If you have a marketing problem to solve and you need a unique way to do it, turn to Brymark. Need proof? Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of some of our most successful challenges.

From start to finish, no matter whether your needs are large or small, Brymark delivers.

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We Listen

A great marketing solution depends on listening to what you have to say about what you're trying to accomplish. Brymark is fully committed to working with clients, and then asking the essential questions that uncover important details. Two-way communication is a critical part of that. You'll find that Brymark has a lot to say about valuable business essentials like return on investment, co-branding, reach and logistics.



Our Experience Becomes Your Experience

Since 1978, Brymark has worked with every sector, and supplied all kinds of promotional and marketing ideas. When you turn to Brymark for advice on marketing solutions, you get the benefit of an organization that's seen and done it all, and knows what will work for your organization and circumstances.



World-Class Organization Understands Deadlines and Delivery Commitments

With offices throughout North America and in China, Brymark is in a unique position to supply promotional and marketing solutions in large volumes to meet very tight deadlines! A ruthless commitment to Quality Assurance ensures you get exactly what you ordered. Process-oriented and technology-focused, Brymark leverages the power of constantly improving procedures to deliver on time, every time.



Incredible Variety of Promo Items Available

Brymark can literally get any kind of product you need, and make it uniquely yours. Brymark has a wide variety of sources that can provide products of excellent quality to meet every need. Meeting special requirements like eco-friendliness, premium quality, and trendy design makes Brymark the provider of choice for our long list of clients.

Brymark doesn't just give you millions of options for branded goods - we can even give you new ways to make them available to your target audience. Convenient eStore programs give you an easy way to manage online merchandise sales and expand your reach.



Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Your success becomes our reputation. It's that simple. Brymark has a long history and a name to protect, so you know we'll go through the wall to the other side to make sure your problems are solved.



Exceptional Value

The true test of creating a marketing product solution is to do it on a budget. Not everyone has unlimited funds, and Brymark understands that. We can provide a host of creative options that will fit with your marketing budget. Because Brymark stands behind everything we do, you know its money well spent, and we can prove it with measurable ROI.



Leveraging of Outstanding Suppliers and Manufacturers

Sometimes it's all about who you know. Brymark has spent decades nurturing relationships with exceptional suppliers and manufacturers - and you reap the rewards! Because of time investment and our massive sales volume, we get preferential treatment when it comes to pricing, product turnaround time, and even unique products and brand names available to no one else. Our partners know our quality standards, so more care is paid to our orders. If there's ever a factory error, it's "stop the presses!" until it's fixed. That's the kind of treatment that means you get results.



"All In" Solutions

When you've got Brymark on your side, you've got a full service provider - and we mean full! We don't stop at great products, we provide unique custom product design from scratch, specialty packaging or decoration (including graphic design services), and specialty product kitting and preparation. We handle fulfillment, including split shipping to multiple destinations with various quantities, and split for separation through our order request system. Short and long term warehousing is available on request. Delivery is handled through our logistics support partners, including local couriers and national couriers. Less than truckload (LTL) cartage, international freight forwarding (by air and/or sea) and container consolidated and specific shipment services are all available. We do what it takes!



Full Creative Services Available

No matter the scope of marketing services you need, Brymark can provide, from logo design to marketing copy to promotional product strategy for your marketing campaigns. The Brymark team has specialized in creating visual identities for our clients for over 30 years. Bringing out the special character of an organization is the kind of challenge that everyone from our promotional consultants to our graphic designers live for.

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