E-Store Programs


Consumers today want the conveniences that internet technology provides, especially when it comes to shopping. You can work with this need and expand the reach of your merchandise retailing program with one of Brymark's easy to operate eStores. With more than twelve years of experience with eCommerce stores, we're old hands when it comes to fulfillment, special packaging, branding and logo policing. 

Brymark will help implement your program from start to finish by assessing your current needs, creating a comprehensive plan and executing your program through product selection, processing, fulfillment and tracking of every order.

Brymark Promotional eStore Advantages and Benefits:

  • Lower your organization's costs and maximize buying power by consolidating purchases.
  • Promote your brand to key audiences effectively and efficiently.
  • You can make changes and updates quickly and affordably.
  • Programs are configured to streamline and maximize the user experience.
  • Nationwide freight services and tracking of all orders are backed by all of our on-line stores. We have special freight rates (due to our volume) that no one can touch!
  • Fully bilingual customer service desk with special 800 numbers (phone and fax) and designated special email addresses.
  • Full warehousing, Quality Assurance and a fully integrated shipping department.

All Brymark eStores come with the following features:

  • SSL encryption for secure payment transactions
  • All the online shopping features users have come to expect, like order confirmation e-mails and shipping confirmation e-mails
  • Fast response time: all in-stock items ship within 24 hours of ordering
  • Real time inventory management and reporting
  • Easy updating with new products

Our eStore Programs

Brymark provides 3 kinds of eStore programs, each with its own unique benefits:

  • Full stock and store ordering:  your goods are kept fully stocked on the shelf and Brymark picks, packs, and ships the same day.
  • Just in Time (JIT) or Limited Stock (LS) store:  stock on the shelf is kept to a minimum to keep costs down for warehousing. Products are created in 1 - 5 days and are then used to fulfill the order. Please keep in mind this option is available using items that have small minimum runs to maximize production time. That being said, Brymark can also do a mixed option, where only a certain number of high traffic items are kept in stock, and then other items have a longer turnaround time to the purchaser.
  • Time store we compile all the orders and ship according to your preferred schedule (for example, every 4 weeks).

Which program is best for you? The answer will depend on your budget, your products and needs of your customers.

Discuss Your Needs With a Brymark eStore Program Specialist

Custom eStores Available

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you get there. Your eStore can be as customized as you need it to be: we will create a unique program targeting your employees, consumers and/or distribution partners. Brymark is ready to discuss your needs, and advise you on the right system for your objectives.

eStore Functionality Options

Brymark's eStore products include the following features:

Web eStore

  • 24/7 on line eStore ordering
  • Consistent presentation of products and logo to customers
  • Order taking
  • Customer accounts with order tracking
  • Promotions
  • Competitions
  • Information page content management
  • Emails to customer on order
  • Tracking
  • Inventory in real time
  • The look and feel of your current website or new website design superimposed in our platform
  • English/French language switch
  • Secure SSL encryption technology
  • Advanced search functionality


  • E-gift cards
  • Survey capability
  • Live Chat
  • Email order confirmation/receipt
  • Reports customization
  • Image zoom up capability
  • Import of current product list (if appropriate)
  • Bilingual customer help desk
  • Custom products help desk

Admin Functions

  • Automatic creation of supplier purchase orders based on best current dealer price and stock availability from multiple suppliers
  • 3 levels of price override (usually catalogue price, special offer and limited time override. All can be active together and time limited or not.)
  • Flexible pricing methods including management of pricing bands and price rounding
  • All order items tracked individually, even multiple copies of the same product giving increased control and information feedback
  • Products can be deleted
  • Management of website page and list contents from within the administration system
  • Failed charges can be managed and resubmitted if appropriate
  • Extensive information and FAQs
  • Sales reports
  • Stock tracking and real time inventory
  • Multiple catalogue items feed
  • Import of regular and promotional catalogues from multiple suppliers
  • Rule based combination of catalogues to form your own online catalogue
  • Price, availability and special and limited time offers supported
  • Automated imports if required

Integrated Fulfillment

  • Runs entire fulfillment warehouse process
  • Tracking of purchase orders.
  • Capture of payments
  • Printing or emailing of invoice/label
  • Tracking of dispatch
  • Tracks and manages stock
  • Stock taking, discrepancy reporting and automatic adjustment of electronic stock to reflect stock take
  • Management of return of stock to supplier
  • Tools to let fulfillment organization know what is due to arrive

Brymark can produce XML, CSV or TXT or other format files if required for fulfillment, hold and record arrival of goods or to capture charges.