Warren Gencher

The Marketing Guru

Warren _Gencher _LGSince Warren started with Brymark in 1978, Brymark Promotions has become a leader in the promotional branding and marketing solutions business in Canada. Fortunately, Warren is able wear many hats at Brymark: innovator, entrepreneur, leader, and team motivator. Warren brings his incredible experience and special understanding of what works in the real world to every promotional marketing project he is a part of. Always ready to take advantage of technology to boost sales, Warren has recommended the creation of online ecommerce and fulfillment solutions (eStores) for many clients as part of an overall shift to pull strategies. You never know who will stumble on your store and fall in love with your image! 

Warren has negotiated contracts with prestigious accounts such as Corel, COSTCO, Grand & Toy, Canada Post, Loblaw's, Tim Hortons, Metro, Bombardier, the United Way of Canada, and the Ottawa Senators. Warren's vision of Brymark as a collaborative partner with our many clients touches all aspects of our business: marketing solutions, innovation, fulfillment and distribution, along with top notch customer service!

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Success Stories

Just a few of Warren's accomplishments at Brymark include:


The United Way Ottawa and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC): This multi-year  plan had a goal of promoting the new brand for The United Way of Ottawa and the GCWCC. An important second goal was to create products as gifts to thank the numerous volunteers and donors. An added challenge: as a charitable campaign, the budget had to be kept very low.

Warren's Solution: To help get the new brand into the marketplace, Brymark launched 2 online stores containing unique products at low cost that can be distributed in volume: The United Way store and the GWCC store.

Results: Brymark received client praise on the unique eStore solutions and product quality - volume on the stores increased by 40%.



A New Line of Clothing for Canadian Geographic: This Canadian discovery magazine needed a new line of clothing and gifts to sell to its 200,000 subscribers. The magazine's market is very outdoorsy and active, environmentally aware, and very passionate about Canada's people and places! The new product line needed to keep the market in mind, and have long-term promotional power for the brand, be unique, and made in Canada.

Warren's Solution: Outdoor gear that the market would really use, made from recycled plastics, organic cotton, and bamboo fibre. A custom eStore and accompanying colour flier were developed to promote the new gear to the subscriber base. The incoming flood of orders was accepted via 800 telephone, fax, email and mail.



A Unique Souvenir for GranFondoOttawa ~ ReggioCapitale: The organizer of this European-style charity cycling race was looking for a gift as a reminder of the event, in recognition of the riders and the sponsor, Kichesippi Beer. It had to be heavy, re-usable, provide lasting power for the messaging, unique, cost under $4.00 each, and be made in Canada.

Warren's Solution:  A custom designed beer opener in the shape of the GranFondo route was developed in an antique silver finish, with two sided casting and final polishing. 1,500 units were produced. It was a huge success: all were given out, and we had tons of people asking where they could get one!

In His Own Words…


If you could share a secret about the promotional products industry that would help clients, what would it be?

The ROI is huge - promotional items only cost pennies a day.



Define what "success" looks like to you.

Success is wrapped up in how you see yourself and how you are able to enjoy life.



What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don't let fear stop you from making positive changes in your life.



Is there anything that makes a significant contribution to the excellence with which you do your job now?

There is a sign posted in our building:


It stands for: if you do what you always do, you will get what you always got.



Do you give time on any special causes or to serving in the community?

I serve with various community assistance efforts with my local church.

I strongly believe in our community and supporting local charities. I am the director of marketing for the Kiwanis TV Bingo since its inception. We've raised over $350,000.00 for children's charities in Ottawa since its inception.



What do you do to relax?

Work out 5 times a week, go out to the movies, play squash, and walk at night.