Rick Davidson

The Process Expert

Rick DavidsonPassionate about being a "solutions specialist", Rick manages the successful operation and growth of Brymark's order processing systems and methodologies, IT infrastructure and staff skills development programs.

Originally trained in Graphic Art and Design at Fanshawe College, Rick has over 20 years' experience in commercial printing, graphic design, and promotional product production. Rick's gift for organization, however, quickly brought him to the forefront of logistics and process management at Brymark. Since joining the management team in 1999, Rick has been involved in developing and implementing hundreds of operational procedures, software tools and workflow techniques that have helped the company attain its high level of order accuracy and ongoing growth and development.

A devotee of hands-on involvement, Rick's day often involves production and logistics facilitation, making improvements to operational processes, and solving order issues to keep every client a satisfied client. He also coordinates eStore creation and operation (including updates and adjustments). Helping customers, fellow team members, suppliers and manufacturers find solutions to questions and challenges keeps Rick coming back with a fresh perspective every day. What does Rick love most about Brymark? "The heart of the people that work here. They care and they won't stop until the job is done."

Success Stories

Just a few of Rick's accomplishments at Brymark include:


United Way of Canada: Rick brought their 20-page print catalogue of items to the web for easy online ordering, and developed a methodology to through-put these orders into an order center in Regina, Saskatchewan. The system included automatic order uploading, shipping interface to UPS, and an inventory management system.



Grand & Toy: Rick saw to the creation and management of an online ordering mechanism for a uniform program that interfaced with a warehousing/fulfillment operation based in another city.




Ontario Summer Games: Full planning and implementation of multiple on-site sales kiosks for Games-branded merchandise during the event.





For Brymark Promotions: Rick created and integrated a Customer Relationship Management system for quotation, automatic uploading of client orders into operational software system, and an Order Portal control panel for cross company exchange of order status updates and information.

Rick worked to plan, build and implement the Brymark Promo Store a cutting-edge promotional product research and ordering tool with integrated production, sales, and shipping features.

In His Own Words…


If you could share a secret about the promotional products industry that would help clients, what would it be?

Start the dialogue about what your requirements are early enough to allow time to be both creative and cost-effective. Great new ideas, cost saving alternatives and solid solutions all come better and stronger when you are not under the duress of snap decisions or limited discussions.



Define what "success" looks like to you.

Everyone pulling at the oars in the same direction. Supporting one another to accomplish all of the goals required of us.



What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

It's NOT about ME.  It is all about others and our service to them.



Were there any significant people in your life who contributed to the excellence with which you do your job now?

My first employer when I was in my mid-teens. I was hired as a guitar teacher. Because I was so young, a few people (especially adults) complained or quit lessons when I was assigned as their teacher. My boss stood by me and said that I had all of the right talents, skills and temperament to be a very good teacher if they gave me a chance. I worked there for 4 ½ years and became the #1 teacher of students in the facility - all because my boss didn't panic when things got shaky. He honoured me and our agreement to work together and waited out the storm. That is how I want to treat every team member, supplier partner and client that crosses my path. Believe the best and work towards the better goal.



Do you give time on any special causes or to serving in the community?

I serve with various community assistance efforts with my local church.



What do you do to relax?

Read, play music, watch movies, enjoy time with my family.