Mark Gencher

Promotional Marketing Expert

Mark Gencher"Tell me your story, your needs, your customers' needs, and I will do the rest!" says Mark. This 22-year veteran of the industry has honed marketing solutions into a fine art. But the science is never left behind - schooling in the scientific method while obtaining a degree in Biology has been a profound influence. After all, marketing is all about forming a strategy based on data and acting on measurable results.






In His Own Words...



What personality traits do you have that naturally contribute to you being able to do your job well?

I like to win, and that happens when my customers succeed!



Define what "success" looks like to you.

You can sleep at night - and you know your customers can do the same.



What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Sometimes it is best to sleep on it overnight before you answer.



Do you give time on any special causes or to serving in the community?

I sit on a fundraising board for the JCC Ottawa.



What do you do to relax?

I work out at the gym and take an hour power walk with my wife daily.