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Wondering if we can help you? Brymark has provided promotional products and marketing services for companies, departments and individuals in both public and private sectors. More than 34 years of operation means we have delivered marketing solutions for multiple organizations in each of these industry areas. To learn more, view our client list.


Education and Recruiting

Teens and twenty-somethings are especially trend-conscious. Education and career fairs require the right approach to get attention from the right prospects. One of Brymark's favourite moments was when the BitHeads logo character we created in 3D foam was bounced around a software career fair on its wire by hundreds of attendees - a complete hit!


Transportation and Automotive

Products for these highly competitive fields need to be very sharp and image conscious for top of mind presence. Brymark excels at creating great giveaways for new initiatives like the Metrolinx Toronto Smart Commute Program. Other memorable moments include the reception of the Kanata Ford team golf shirts, the creation of Campbell Jaguar VIP Cards, and our Lexon Transport trucking calendars. 


Financial - Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Investment

Promotional products for the financial sector must strike the right tone, and not compromise the image of security and trustworthiness that these organizations have worked hard to establish. Clients like the Bank of Canada, BDO Canada, and Wells-Fargo have trusted Brymark with their image for a variety of services for everything from incentive gifts to customer rewards. A great technique is to use functional desktop products and accessories to stay top of mind with customers. Items like yearly calendars (both wall and desktop), personal planners, agendas, day timers and jotters all are great ways to do this. For children, colouring books and the essential piggy banks are fun and can help start a child on a lifetime of sensible saving habits. When it's time to give back to the community, donation containers can be designed in an infinite variety of ways that are appropriate for the specific cause.


Consumer Goods

Getting and maintaining brand loyalty is often comes down to value added services that make life easier for the customer. When it comes to retail, try moving online with one of our eStore programs like the one we created for Costco. Brymark also has experience in providing specialty services support for customers like Metro, Grand & Toy, The Bay and Winners.


Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemistry

Promotional items in the healthcare industry need to be strategic. Recommended directions can include things like easily referenced information like fridge magnets for contact information for clinics and pharmacies. For some clients, medicine cups, spoons, and pill holders have worked very well, especially when combined with informative designs that get the word out about new strategies in cold and flu prevention. Some of our unique kid-friendly unique have been designed to help reduce fear when taking medicine.

Marketing for dentistry needs to focus on attracting and retaining customers in an almost retail-like way. Brymark has had some hits with custom travel and coffee mugs, and - you guessed it - toothbrushes!



Need to show that you're ahead of the game, and that you've got the creativity to be truly innovative? Companies like Primus, HummingBird, and Corel have trusted Brymark with promotional products for product launch support and cross marketing. For rewarding and motivating employees, we've helped companies like IBM and Innovapost reach their people.


Non Profit Organizations and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

For your charity, faith group, political candidate/party, or other worthy cause, promotional products and events are an essential part of fundraising strategy. Brymark has found the right product for organizations like The United Way, and provided special event sales and support for the Special Olympics, Ottawa Dragon Boat Race Festival, The Tulip Festival and The Ontario Summer Games.


Public Sector

Whether at the federal, provincial, or municipal level, Brymark can help with employee service rewards and award programs, clothing, corporate marketing support and special events. Brymark has provided products for Health Canada, the Department of National Defence, Public Works Canada, the Canadian Border Services Agency, among many other departments.



When people are relaxing and having fun on vacation, they're open to buying the right souvenir to share with friends and family. The key is considering the needs of the audience.

For hotels, offering complimentary gifts for guests, even unique gift basket assortments, can show how much you appreciate your guests. Branded and creatively packaged health and beauty products can be great for these gift packages.

Practical items that tourists need (but may have forgotten to pack!) are always appreciated. Items like towels, tote bags, lip balm, sun block, and water bottles are good choices. Wearables for all climates work well, including scarves, mittens, 3 in 1 all-weather jackets, sunglasses, and bandannas. Sandals that leave a unique message footprint in the sand or soil behind their owners can be lots of fun! Picture frames (both traditional and moving electronic displays) will keep happy memories alive, and can encourage repeat business.

For tourist attractions and tourism promotional organizations, creative approaches to outdoor flags, banners, signage and displays will increase traffic. Memorabilia like mugs, key chains and lapel pins can be used to great effect. For the Canadian Tourism Commission, Brymark combined maple leaf pins with a printed message card, which was mounted together in an informative package - a very successful approach.



When it comes to manufacturing, there are two sides to the coin. The first side is internal promotion: boosting morale with your own people, and fostering pride in what they do. In the manufacturing environment, corporate wear can be great for team building. You can also give employee gifts that are useful on the job site, like the thermoses Brymark created for Hydro One - perfect for those winter repair jobs! Brymark can guide you to the right products for large award programs for awareness campaigns as well.

On the other side there are promotional products for your customers: the new ones you want to draw in with point of sale giveaways (like our Enbridge travel mugs and custom shaped USB memory sticks), and the current ones you want to thank. Brymark will have plenty of ideas when you come to us for corporate gift ideas, or ideas for individual customers.

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